Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Bridge


The Bridge

It was a harsh and stony pathway, but I knew the way was straight
It seemed so dark and hopeless, but I had to keep my faith
Trudging up hills, climbing rocks and ragged hedges
It took all the strength I had just to dodge the jagged edges

Slipping and sliding down the mountainside, voicing my complaint
My strength was gone, my courage failed, I was fighting not to faint.
I’ve made it to the foot of the hill, now the valley I must face,
Tired and beaten, so weary and worn, how can I run this race?

If I stop to rest, will I give up and die? Will I make it on my own?
This path is my life, now I clearly see how I’ve reaped what I have sown.
I’m at a river in this valley low; a raging, evil tide
“Help me God! Please help me, God, get to the other side!”

The fog began to lift in the midst of my despair and my fright,
My prayers were answered as I walked on, a bridge came into sight.
Cautiously I crossed the narrow way, for the water raged below
How this bridge had suddenly appeared, I surely did not know.

Looking up I see the mountaintop, where Peace and Love abide
It’s such a relief to have crossed God's bridge and be on the other side.
Halfway up I turned and looked, and cried at what I saw
My rugged bridge had been The Cross, where Jesus bore it all!




  1. beautiful poem, Meg; you have such a talent weaving these words together

    loved the pictures too! so appropriate for the poem :)


  2. Excellent pictures - the colors are beautiful. I am definitely enjoying your poetry!

  3. WOW!!! THAT was totally FANTASTIC!!! The pics are very pretty too, and go well with the poem.
    What an uplifting bit of poetry to read! Thanks for sharing it with us!


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