Friday, November 13, 2009

Finally Friday...

Something I should have said yesterday:
"Pull your pants up! For heaven’s sake, your belt is around your thighs!!!!"
(If I was one of these boys’ professors, I wouldn’t let them in my classroom until their pants were properly positioned.)

Today, three UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters from the National Guard will be landing on campus for training and transportation of the ROTC cadets. Should be some interesting pictures, if all goes as planned!

In the meantime, here are a few other pics....

Joe Wheeler State Park

The Fungus is among us!



  1. i know it's only fungus...but i sure do like em. lol i took a couple of pix of em in the mts.

  2. you are a wise woman about Ms. Young Thang! that speaks volumes of you as an individual and your relationship with the Lord :)

    I like the picture of the fungi :)

    (this is weird, your post showed up tonight-Saturday on my Dashboard from yesterday; something isn't quite right here)


  3. Your truly showed that the Lord is busy in your heart and mind. I know that it is hard at times to work with others for none of us is perfect and we all have rough edges to rub others the wrong way at times. I love your pictures, too! I love mushrooms, and when we were young, we would go out and pick them around here. I DIDN'T know then, that some of them are NOT good to eat because all of them around here were fine. I picked some beautiful HUGE ones up in the redwoods one time when on a Christian College Retreat, no less, and ate a little of one and apparently, some of them are halucinogenic... I was SOOOOO SICK!!! I learned my lesson and only eat the ones from stores now!!! LOL


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