Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I am Not a Survivor

No Survivor Am I

My worth isn’t measured by my current condition,
Opinions of others, or my present position.
Though my foot may slip, I am not incomplete,
My failures are never my final defeat.
By God’s grace, I’ll dance though the fire,
Knowing by faith I’ll not drown in the mire.
A survivor is never what I shall be
But a powerful overcomer for others to see.
My suffering, I’ll know, was never in vain,
Seeing someone’s miracle brought out of my pain.
My destiny isn’t sealed by today’s situation,
My current position is not my final destination.



  1. I like this, I tend to think "I survived this" but I rather "overcome it" instead. very wise words you wrote Meg! like I said before, you really do have a way with words to weave them together in rote; they flow really well together and have a powerful message with them too :)


  2. Another wonderfully FULL sermon in so few beautifully written words! I am SOOO GLAD that you commented so I could come and find this wonderful blog! Linda from Corgi Country


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