Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Hell Page

Warning...Graphic Poetry ahead.

Proceed reading at your own risk.

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The Prayer From Hell

The most desperate prayer God can’t hear,
Though accompanied by horrific fear.
The most hopeless, futile prayers will wail
From the fiery pits of Hell.
This agonizing heat is brimstone bred,
With a never ending sense of dread.
When in Hell, there’s no way out
Of darkness, torment, grief and doubt.

Nothing soothes the miseries of Hell,
And there’s no rivers, lakes or wells.
Grinding teeth and screams will sound,
But peace of mind will never be found.
Screams and shrieks and howls and wails
Forever emit from the bowels of Hell
And there, God won’t hear your hopeless pleas
Violently weeping down on your knees.

For your most desperate prayer God won’t hear
Though accompanied by terrific fear
Your most hopeless, futile prayers will wail
From the fiery depths of Hell.



  1. I agree that we should always be sharing the Truth of Jesus with everyone... but it is never OUR responsibility if someone ends up there. Never.

    I hope your heart is not heavy with an unneccesary burden....

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  3. wow, this was very powerful Meg; I don't think a lot of people really truly grasp what hell will be like. The very fact they will be separated from God. Someone said that even though people don't believe in God, they still get the benefits of having a God here on this earth, i.e. rain, air we breathe, etc. In hell, God is not there. so important for us to get the message out of Jesus


  4. Oh, MY!!! Betty is right! This is a truly POWERFUL bit of poetry! Would you mind if I read it at church? I think it is something that needs to be looked at every once in a while... as a warning and as a blessing for those who know that Jesus has saved us from that horror!!! WOW!!!!

  5. I like your blog. It's very well done and thought out. I'm taking a little break from mine this week and visiting others. Our mutual blogging acquaintance is ChaChaneen.

    Anyway: Wow, that was a VERY powerful poem you penned, and so profound. Without Christ, we would all be condemned to eternal seperation from God. Praise Him for his tender mercies and His saving grace.

    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving. God bless. :)


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