Monday, November 9, 2009

Random Monday

So, it’s Monday. I started my usual Monday morning diet. It’s past 11 a.m., and I’m still doing good!! There comes a point in a fat chick’s life when she has to admit that her pants aren’t shrinking.

I went to see A Christmas Carol in 3D yesterday. Had the little ones, Devon, 7, Ashton, 6 and Samara, 3, with me…I think it was a bit much for a three year old, thankfully she was more interested in looking at people and eating popcorn than keeping the glasses on and watching the movie. I got a little dizzy when the movie first came on. Maybe I’m too old for fast-flying 3D? Jim Carrey was brilliant. He’s usually too much, but then I have to consider that this was animation using his voice. If he’d actually been the character, somehow, he’d be overkill. He is definitely psychedelic. Have you noticed that often times the animated characters look like the actor? It’s that way in this movie, some of the characters…look like Carrey.

I went to the movie because it was a homework assignment.  I have to write an offical movie review.   This is an advanced composition class I'm in, I've really enjoyed it.  This is the second time I've had to watch a movie for this class. I so rarely go to movies! Most of them are pollution; and truthfully, this one was as well. And ding-dang expensive! Near $7 for popcorn. 3D movies have a $2.50 surcharge, so a matinee for three kids and me was $38.00. Seriously. It. Was. Not. That. Good. Can’t think of many movies that would be.

I’ve been listening to Stephen Davey’s series on Job. Wow. He is like David Jeremiah when he delves into Bible stories. I’m seeing Job in a new light. Very interesting. is a good place to find some good Bible teaching. I think most are Baptist, but I won’t hold it against them. lol is another great place to listen to good Bible teaching.

It’s nearly lunchtime! I hear the Student Center has some gross meatloaf today…I think I hear Taco Bell calling my name.


I went home...had two pieces of leftover pizza.   Pan.  Pizza Hut.  MmmMmmGood Am I still on a diet?

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  1. yep, I think you are still on a diet. you could have had 3 pieces of pizza right? I'm always on day one on Monday; sometimes I make it to the end of the week.....

    I did hear good things about the Christmas Carol, but wow the price! I always complain to hubby that water is $4.00 (bottled water) at the movie. for crying out loud.

    interesting you need to write about it for class.

    I'll have to look into that info regarding Job. I do like David Jeremiah's teaching



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