Thursday, November 12, 2009


It’s such a lovely day here in the Beautiful South (God's Country)! Clear blue skies and pleasant temps….and it should be this way all the way through the weekend! Wonderful November weather!

A little hummer in my backyard
from September

A Seagull at Deibert Park


  1. Sounds like Much Ado... about nothing! When will women grow up and stop acting like 12 year old girls? Sorry you were wronged...stand tall in the Lords Righteousness girl!


  2. gossip is only if you wouldn't tell that info to the person you are gossiping about. So if I say someting to someone about you but I would never tell that to your face, that is gossip

    I hate office games/drama. Seems like Ms. Young-Thang needs to grow up. Maybe you need to let out some "fake" confidential info and then when she passes it on and it all falls into her face she'll be less willing to play this game

    love the hummingbird picture :)


  3. love, love, love your hummer!!! how cool...and the sea gull is great too.

  4. Your pictures are really wonderful! I love our little hummers that flit and flirt around our feeder...


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