Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I got a phone call from a charity asking me to donate clothes to the hungry. I hung up on them. Anyone who can fit into my clothes isn’t hungry!   (not really!  saw this in an email.)

Did pretty good on the Monday diet yesterday…so good, in fact, I’m carrying it over to Tuesday. I had lost some weight due to being sick last week, but I quickly located it.

TV tonight is the Biggest Loser. It’s a rare occasion that I watch TV, but I like to watch that show…pull up my rocking chair with my chips and dip, my peanuts, ice cream…. and watch those folks work it, work it!! Tonight, I will endeavor to just watch and not munch. Must be watching too much exercise…makes me hungry! I need to get back on the treadmill, but I just dread that so bad. (which, obviously, comes my nickname “Dreadmill” for the thing.)
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Random “me” thought: I hate to be ignored. Seriously. Yet when I get mad at someone, usually the first thing I do is stop speaking to them.

I just sent out an email intended for one person to the whole campus…with semi-confidential information. Could not be retrieved. Went to the President, and all the VP’s, and my boss, and my bosses boss, and so on and…. Argggg!!! Went to see the bosses boss, and she took it pretty well. But boy, is my phone and email box suffering the repercussions of that!  OOOPS!

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  1. WOW!! Sorry about the email... isnt that the worst??? I hope it dies down soon.

    I hate to be ignored too. Especially when I am intentionally ignoring someone else and they dont even know cause I am not even a blip on their radar.



  2. you still show up on my Dashboard as blogs I'm following, my dear, but I didn't get this on last night's Dashboard. There's another blog I follow that I haven't gotten updates on either. I better do some looking at what Blogger is doing

    why did they want clothes for the hungry? To sell to feed them? When you lose weight and if there is one in your area, donate clothes to Dress for Success

    oh my about that email! hoping it won't take long to have things smooth over

    (all is going well here :)


  3. lol oh how true it is on your statement about being ignored!! lol ya know i was stopped the other night by a woman sitting in her car in huntsville asking if our church was helping people out for thanksgiving...said she only gets about $600/month and after rent and phone she hardly has anything left...said she didn't have shoes (wearing flip flops) and needed a coat. she gave me her name and number and steve and i are going to do something for her... but she was huge...and i had to wonder how she could eat enough to sustain that weight. steve says that america has the fattest poor people of any nation...anywway i've been praying for her and about her situation.


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