Wednesday, November 11, 2009


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My dad, sister, brother, stepson, niece, brother-in-law, sister-in-law...and many others I know and love, are veterans...some are currently serving.    I salute them, as well as all the other veterans.

I watched biggest loser without eating one morsel!   Nor did I eat afterwards. view of that, I'm carrying over the Tuesday diet until Wednesday.

Heard at the office today: 
"I live in a constant state of High School with my mother." 

Stopped on the curve of a road to take a picture of this little guy.  He walked right up to my car and sniffed, and let me touch his nose.   I was impressed with me until I found out he's a family pet.   lol

I've been perusing...actually I've been scanning...blogs.    I didn't realize how many food blogs there are.   I'd like to find a few good, interesting blogs, without a lot of swearing.... they are hard to find!    I like bloggers who share things, those who let you get involved with their lives a little.  

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  1. I like your signature tag too! cute little deer!! amazing even as a pet, it could get that close to you! must be a friendly pet :)

    good for you for not eating last night when Biggest Loser was on! you go girl!

    I did find a blog today where the lady had lost 70 pounds this year with WW. Pictures were amazing.

    there are lots of good blogs out there; I'm thinking which ones I follow you might like..........

    (funny you like mine and I rarely share about my life, well I do....just not lots of details :)



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