Sunday, November 15, 2009


It has been a stunningly beautiful weekend.   Both days, Ole Boy and I got out and enjoyed the sunshine.  We usually go to the early service at church, and then we have the whole day free.   Not, of course, that we go just to get church out of the way...but it is very convenient. 

Alabama is known as the Cotton State.   Here's why:

It's hard to believe Monday is staring me in the face...but it is.


  1. all great pictures! I've never seen cotton growing; must be a sight to see in person

    I think going to the early service is a great idea; does open the day up to do more things; we go Saturday nights so it gives us the whole of Sunday to go out and explore

    Mondays do come by so fast don't they?


  2. Glad you had such a blessed and beautiful day. We have a lot of cottonfields around this area, too. It's really awful for my allergies when they spray the defoliant on them each fall! Your pictures are always so interesting. We get to see a lot of military aircraft because we seem to be in the flight path between a few Military bases here.

    One jet came screaming over us as we were out leash training poor little Mercy the other day. I plan to post the vid. About scared the widdle out of her, poor puppy! LOL


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