Sunday, November 8, 2009

Where did October Go?

UPDATE:   Since Photobucket decided to hold my photos hostage and try to extort $$ all photos have been removed for the time being. 

The first week of November has slipped by, hardly noticed except for the Christmas items out in the stores.   I can't believe it's so late in the year.   Earlier, while wondering where October went, I realized it got rained out.   The South has had a much needed break from all the rain.

The first weekend of October, I went to Florida.   I took one picture...well I took 4 or 5, but they are mostly the same thing.   It rained on us...there was one sunny day, but I missed it...hence the "no pictures."  

Third week in October, we went to Gatlinburg.   Got some pics...

Saw some color....

Beautiful blue skies

Why they're called Smoky Mountains..sunrise in Cade's Cove

Saw an elk
Actually....lots of elk

Ate at one of my favorite restaurants...The Old Mill

I was sick.  Got better.   Went to a ballgame, nearly froze.   Have a sore throat again.   It was our last game, and we were undefeated.   "Were" is the key word.  We lost.   We were number 1 in the nation, too.   Roar Lions!   We're still in the playoffs.  We may win another championship yet!   Obviously, purple and gold are our colors.  

Monday morning is staring me in the face.   Weekends go by so fast, and I swear (I'm not supposed to swear)...I promise Friday afternoon was long than all of Saturday and Sunday.

Margaret means pearl.  I'm going to reference that a lot.


  1. beautiful pictures!! Gatlinburg looks like a neat place to visit. Do you know that I went to Yellowstone several times and never saw an elk (or bear) there? love the pictures of the elk(s).

    this year flew by.......amazing isn't it?

    I love the name you are posting by, by the way. Took me a minute to figure it out but love it :)


  2. double...triple wow on blue skies and sunrise at cades cove pix!!!! so you're not using the brown recluse moniker any more?? i kinda like it.


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