Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Winner

We do have a What Is It winner....but I have to ask:  Gina, would you have known what that was had I not said "you've seen it before and you liked it?"   lol   Probably.

It's a cicada!   Found him on the ground. 
Picked him up with a stick.
He's too ugly to do anything else with!

Put him on a tree, and this started happening,
much to my surprise!

 Slowly coming out of his (her?) shell
This is the actual photo I enlarged!

 I thought something must be wrong, I wanted to help.
Apparently, this is normal.

 Finally made it out....wings were wet.

 Finally!  All done!


  1. congrats to Gina! see I know I suck at this game, LOL

    so very interesting you were able to catch these pictures of him coming out of his shell so to speak

    these cicadas make lots of noise, right??


  2. Yeah, lots of noise. Imagine my delight and surprise when this started happening, because I'd already caught great shots of the white squirrel! Indiana was kind to my camera and me.


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