Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hump Day

I lost everything on my computer...two hard drives worth.   Never buy Lenovo.   It's all because of a stupid partition giving me a very small C drive.   Anyway, I had a pretty good back up for every thing except my pictures taken in 2008 and 2009.   No telling what else...I'm sure I'll discover it as I go along.  

I'm having to buy Photoshop again....but it's on sale and it's a newer version, I'm not too upset about that.   HATE it about my pictures.

I do still have my camera card from my last Gatlinburg trip.   But that wasn't the best photo op I've had in Tennessee.

I'm trying not to think about it.   The more I remember about what was on that drive, the worse I feel.

I need some proper sympathy.


  1. Ugh! I hear ya. Everytime I back up my computer I always think... Is it worth it for all the discs and time... And then I remind myself of times like these. I feel for ya, been there! What a bummer!

    I'm excited for your weight loss blogging. We can be accountable in bloggyland!

  2. so sorry about the computer problems; its the pictures probably the most that bothers you (at least I would be upset) I guess a good lesson to remember to put pictures on CD or some other thing to keep in case it happens again

    I voted in your poll; I said the good the bad the ugly choice LOL


  3. Heavens! That is SO horrible! I've lost one computer, too, and it's just awful. I bought one of those little thumbnail drives that hold 8 Gigs for just $20 a few months ago and try to back up my pics and writing on that. They are going quite cheaply now and are easier and faster for me to transfer than copying to a CD.

    My son's told me about those...

  4. Oh, how annoying! I agree - get yourself an external hard drive and try to stay current with backing up the pictures. I don't make it a priority and will likely regret it one day. I know what you mean about thinking about it!


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