Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Blue Eyed Wonder

My Little Blue Eyed Wonder
(A Mother's Lament)

I should have spent more time 
With my little blue eyed wonder.
Does she know how much I love her, 
Or does she think I shunned her?

My little blue eyed wonder, 
My heaven here on Earth,
I've loved her more than life itself 
Since before her day of birth.

I wish I could just hold her hand 
And take her into time,
To show her just how much 
Her life is intertwined in mine.

I don't have the words I need 
To tell her all she needs to know,
But some things just can't be told, 
She'll have to live to grow.

If I had a perfect world 
And just one life to give,
I would give it to my blue eyed girl, 
And there in peace she'd live.

But my world is not perfect, 
Though my heart is filled with love
For my little blue eyed wonder 
Sent to me from up above.

You brighten even sad days, 
My little blue eyed child...
For often when I think of you, 
I realize I've just smiled.


Written when my daughter was going through some very rough teenage years.
I love that Girl!


  1. And I bet she appreciated this! VERY sweet!


  2. What a lovely poem!! Your daughter sounds so special from this piece.

    P.S. I tagged you over at my blog :)

  3. what a beautiful poem!! they drive us crazy sometimes but we love them so incredibly much!!!

    (you are up late)


  4. hee hee hee, its all about me!

    What about that? I can rhyme too!

  5. Such a beautiful poem and such love that is expressed. I, too, have a blue eyed wonder for a daughter. I wish that she would believe that I love her this much, too. I'm praying for healing in our relationship, and I know that someday, God will bring it about.

  6. Impressive, Margaret! I totally relate to the mother-daughter love. Daughters cannot understand that love until they experience it with children of their own - still waiting for mine to find out!


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