Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Blogging Commentary

Blog:  ˈblg, ˈbläg\   Function: noun  Etymology: short for Weblog  Date: 1999
a web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer; also : the contents of such a site

When I started my first blog, AOL Journals had a nice blogging community that we called “J-Land.”  For some unknown reason (I have my theories) AOL decided to go a different route, and deleted the whole kit and caboodle.    J-Land was then dispersed throughout the web, and I landed here, finally.

I have started and ignored so many journals, I can’t even remember where they all are…WordPress, Blogher…blog names and passwords long forgotten.    When I first started blogging, it was because I wanted to write.   Then came the comment craze…it was so fun getting comments and feedback on what I had written.   It seemed the more I visited and comment on blogs, the more people came to visit me.   I am way-yonder too AADD to read journals that don’t interest me….I’m usually too AADD to read long entries on stuff that does interest me!  

I noticed a phenomenon.   Bloggers just wanted comments, and in order to get them, they would hit 100 or so journals…or blogs, if you will…and say such things as, “Have a great day!”  or “Good Entry.”   Very generic things like that, or they would ask a question about something that you had thoroughly covered in the entry, so you knew without a doubt they weren’t reading, just fishing for comments.

To me, writing is not about how many comments you can get, though comments are very nice.   Blogging…writing…is about expression.   A blog is a place where the blogger should be able to freely be herself (or himself).   I don’t always do that, I must admit.   A blog reflects the writer, their ideals, beliefs, morals and yes, biases.   Yet there are times, I don’t say all I think, for various reasons.

I do like comments, but they aren’t necessary for me to read someone else’s writing.   Usually the blogs I read do mirror my own beliefs and morals; every now and again I keep up with someone who is vastly different than me, but still interesting, often interesting to me because their belief system is so different than mine.   I do, however, think interaction is necessary.   I hate to be ignored.

Things that will stop me from returning to a blog:

Excessive cursing:   I started to say “excessive and unnecessary” but I can’t really think of any necessary cursing, even when *I* get mad enough and let one slip. 
Bashing:   God bashing, denomination bashing, people bashing…
Rudeness:  there’s never an excuse.
Politics:   When their ignorance shows.
Stupidity:   Same as above.
Extremely poor grammar.   Spelling.  Punctuation:  My biases, I know.  
Excessive typos:  It looks too much like extremely poor grammar.     Spellcheck!!
Boring:   Loooongggg and boring entries…kinda like this one.  Of course, I realize that long and boring is in the opinion of the reader. 
Lack of interaction:   If I ask a question or make a particularly insightful (in my own mind, that is) comment, or if I’ve commented on several entries and don’t get the courtesy of at least email, I probably won’t return.   It’s rude.

::::Stepping off of my soapbox::::


  1. I call those comments, like have a nice day, "fly by" comments; you have no idea that they read your stuff but you suspect probably not. I have to admit, I did the comment thingy for a bit, liked the number, liked the number of followers, hence that is why there are no followers listed on my blog these days. I'm with you though, if I comment on a blog and I don't get any feedback, I'm out of there after a few entries. I don't mind if they don't visit my blog, but at least an email back that says "thanks for visiting" is nice in my opinion. thing is I don't usually write what is in my heart because that would be too personal and I can't do personal on a public blog, LOL. I honestly thought of setting up a blog using a different screen name and just writing to write with no expectations on comments received or given. but honestly, this is the first time that I have lost the desire to blog. not that I felt God was leading me to blog or not to blog. just weird like I keep saying. Anyway, was there a particular reason for this commentary? someone rude, etc?


  2. I totally agree with you. I am working on getting better at emailing the people that comment on my blog!

  3. Have a great day!

    ****** I had to do say that because I am a smarty like that.*******

    Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my blog. I am just a nobody with about three readers and have had the same eight followers for a year now.


  4. Your so fun, I lurve that! I started my blog as a way to stay in touch with my girlfriends when we moved and because NONE of them are computer people, they didn't catch on to the blog thing. To this day, all of them would rather talk on the phone than get on the computer. ha ha Then along came bloggy friends and I couldn't have asked for a nicer bunch!


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