Saturday, January 9, 2010

C-C-Cold, Y'all!

Alabama doesn't get much's been snowing for three days....and we still don't have much snow.  What we have is COLD!   It's 25°, the wind chill factor is 13°, and it's not getting any better tonight or tomorrow.

This little bit of snow got me an extra off day this week on Thursday, and a delayed start time on Friday.  Can't complain about that!!

Yeah...amazing that I got off work for this, isn't it?

Oops...somebody at the County Court House forgot to turn the fountain off.....

I was standing on the bank across the river....
let me tell you, it was COLD!

It's been an uneventful week...I just can't find much to get into in these temps.   I guess I can endure for a week (mostly because I have to) but I'm really ready for spring...or at least my normal winter 30's and 40's...mixed with some sunny days in the 50's.

On Thursday, my unscheduled day off, I did NOTHING...other than take the pictures that you see above and keep my fire burning.   I noticed when I went back to work that we should have been off on Friday instead of Thursday because the roads were worse on Friday.  For sure the parking lots were.  

One thing that I have done all week is eat like a normal person, or at least how I think a normal person would eat.   I didn't hit the fast food restaurants (my condolences to Jacks and Taco Bell) and no sweets (my condolences to the Keebler elves...I know those three companies took a beating this past week).   

Have I mentioned it's cold?   Well, did I mention that I don't have central heat? source of heat is a fire place insert.  Of course, my winter electric bills are, on average, $110...or less...sometimes a little more.   I think I did have a $140 dollar bill last year, much to my dismay.   I do have a wall heater in the bathroom, which I use every day, believe you me!  

Since this is turning into a random post, I'm going to rant about The Biggest Loser.   The producers of the show have seemingly let greed replace compassion.  Not only do they have the biggest contestants ever, they made them all weigh in their home towns, in public, in front of their family and friends, and anyone else who came to watch.   Knowing that some of them wouldn't be staying more than a week or two, I thought that particular humiliation was terribly unneccessary.   It's not like they aren't already allowing the show to humilate them on national TV...but it's not live for heaven's sake...and by the time the show is underway, these folks have lost some weight.    All this, and it's just the first show. 

Time to throw another log on the fire...



  1. Ooooh, I lurve the new blog look... all sleek and black with your new banner design! Very cha cha!
    The fountain looks really neat all frozen over like that... ha ha I bet your roads are icy too, not good for driving in at all. And... good job on the new way of enjoying food this week~

  2. I agree with you on Biggest Loser.

  3. come to So. California where it was 77 degrees today and we didn't even have to turn the heat on last night :)

    brrrr! that is cold weather!! and no central heat! you are a trooper for sure!!

    loved the pictures; can't believe it was in Alabama though; seems a bit out of context for sure

    I have never watched the Big Loser so I can't tell you if your thoughts are correct or not but I know I would be mortified to weigh in here in front of friends, acquaintances etc. Seems to me they had a good show and good thought going, too bad they had to change it for greed. I did hear that there were some of the biggest contestants this time around.

    stay warm and safe


  4. Ah, the joys of winter this year! The month long cold spell that we had has finally been replaced by a chinook and yesterday it was up to +5 degrees C. The snow is melting but now freezing rain is predicted. Love the pictures :)) Stay warm - we have central heating and a fireplace!

  5. mean really love your pix...these and those at the dam! very impressive. well...let's see, i don't watch the biggest loser, but agree with you on making the folks weigh in front of everyone...absolutely no point in that. and glad that you are eating normally...though i had to laugh at the hardship you are putting taco bell and the keebler elves thru...ya really think that's fair?? hehehe...unfortunately, i'm back to my old ways...those few pounds i had lost have found me again. sigh...and one more point i can agree with you, it's cold!!!!

  6. I love you mama, you are so smart and talented. I hope I take after you more as I blossom ;-)


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