Monday, January 25, 2010

Don't you hate it when that happens?

Saturday, I went into the back yard for a few mins...and found the one little pile of doggy foo in the whole yard.  I took my boots off at the door, and left them there, intending (sometime over the next year or two) to clean them up.    Ole Boy came in, got a scrub brush and some spray cleaner and went out back and cleaned up my shoes.   Wasn't that sweet?

This morning, after the third or fouth time I got mildly irritated at something Ole Boy said, I finally got mad and started letting it show.  He asked a question, and I bit his head off.   He said, "Wow, someone pee'd in your Wheaties this morning."   I said, "YES! YOU!!!"    As I was getting ready to make a grand exit without saying goodbye, he saw it coming.   He calmly stood by the door and waited for me.   He then opened the door and told me to have a good day...."in your nice clean shoes.


  1. LOL Not sure what to say...I am speechless.

  2. hahaha guilt trip extraordinare I'm sure!! Lol. And yes I hate that!!!

  3. You did apologize already ~ right? ha ha ha

  4. LOL, he killed you with kindness. we love them but boy can they be a bit irritating at times :)

    (and they say the same about us, LOL)


  5. LOVE IT!! Thats a GOOD man!!

    Amanda :)

  6. Don't you just HATE it when they do something like that... AND LOVE it too... at least after you've gotten a chance to work through it. What a sweet, loving man to even think of doing something like that. They DO surprise us at times, don't they.

    I guess it is because they are so close that they are so easy to get ticked at even when we love them!


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