Friday, January 15, 2010

Playing Around With Nametags

Yesterday's post was not aimed at any one person.

Playing around with name tags when I should be studying Spanish.  
You'd think...or at least I did...that they would ease you into it.  
They don't.  They start the class speaking Spanish. 

Don't know how to get the images sharper...
if I can sharpen them, I may try my hand at animating them.


  1. I like the second one the best but all are very nice

    baptism by fire, LOL, with the Spanish class. you will do just fine :)


  2. Of course my favorite it Cha Cha Riffic! ha ha

  3. i am kind of partial to the one with my name :)but alos like the one with the turtle


    sorry for my shorthqand in a seminar balancing my laptop on my leg, not doing very well


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