Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Renewed Mind

If I could instantly change one thing about myself for the year 2010, I would change the way I think.

That would fix a lot of issues and challenges.

I’ll get there. It’s called renewing the mind. It can be done, but for me, it’s being a long process.  I'm really not sure how to do it, God will have to show me.

Examples of my thinking process....Sunday, I ate only two meals. Neither one of them were the best of choices, but neither one of them were binges. That night, when I got into bed, I was feeling guilty for “all I ate today.” I had to remind myself that I only ate twice.

The same thing happened earlier last week. I had eaten three meals, and those three meals were normal sized, healthier choice meals. But that night, I was berating myself for eating too much. I reminded myself that I had “three squares” that day.

Monday, I found myself dwelling on it in the shower.   Later that morning, after eating a whole wheat bagel with 1/3 less fast strawberry cream cheese, I was suffering with guilt pangs.  "I should have eaten only half of the bagel.  I shouldn't have used so much cream cheese...."   Seriously.   Mind renewal is a must.

But still. I’m plagued. Many times throughout the day, I find myself dwelling on food:  What I ate, when to eat. My choices. This. That. The other.

I know I must retrain my thought process….but how do I get there?
How, indeed.
These are some of the things we cover in counseling.
I will get there, because God is for me, not against me.

Was Freedom a butterfly I held in my hand and let go?


  1. Hum.. let me know when you figure it all out. :)

    I know how you feel though. Except when I get all mad at myself for eating a lot its usually cause I DID just eat a lot.


  2. I have the same issues when it comes to food. I am always hating myself because I think I eat too much.

  3. I know exactly what you are talking about Meg. Been there done that. I wonder if it would help you if you planned what you ate daily and wrote it down in the morning and then just stuck with that plan. That way you would know what you were eating and when you were eating. I don't know if you want to regimen yourself that tightly but just a thought. I know when I was going through the weight loss clinic I could only eat this or that at this or that time and it made it so much more easier.


  4. When I think I ate too much, I ate too much.

    Tonight I ate a meal fit for 10. Why? Well, we create our own freedom. I must not want to be free.

  5. well, it does begin with the mind...and as our dear former pastor liked to say, 'the devil knows where your goat is tied.' renewal of the mind...most of us need that!


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