Saturday, January 23, 2010

Six Word Saturday

I just noticed on my last Six Word Saturday, I put "This are my six words."   
 And nobody told me!   I am anal about typos...I have to correct them!    

So, this week, here are my six words! 

"This" is in reference to my Spanish class, which I have whined about for one-point-five weeks.   Yeah, that's a whole week and a half.   But I'm going to stop whining and start studying.  More.  It would just help a little if they spoke some English in the process.   Just sayin'

Cate, from Show My Face, hosts the ever-popular "Six Word Saturday" each week. 
Pop over and see her for more great entries.


  1. of course you can do it! I have every confidence in you that you will "sail" through that class and get an "A"!!! funny, I didn't catch your typo either and I'm "trained" to do so.

    enjoy Sunday :)


  2. Sometimes, just a change in our attitude makes all the difference. I hope you are getting a handle on it! Thanks for playing 6WS.

  3. I ended up quitting the one Spanish class I tried to do in College. I really should go back, I'd just bitten off to much to chew and that's the class I ended up dropping. Good luck! It's a good thing to know!

    I wish I'd taken the time to learn it from my mom... :(


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