Monday, February 22, 2010


Two people were generous enough to share blogging awards with me.  

The first one is from Margaret...she's a sweet young woman who is stronger than she realizes.  I have taken quite a liking to her.  She has a lot on her plate right now, and even though it doesn't always  feel like it, she's going to be just fine.  She gave me the very pretty Sunshine Award.    Thanks, Margaret!

The second award came from Autumn, whose blog is Living out Loud.   Thanks, Autumn!  This award came with the request to list seven things about myself.   I think I can do that:

1.   I like words.  I make up words like "flamage" to indicate whether or not there is enough coals in the fireplace to keep a fire going, or heatage, to indicate that we need some warmth in the room.   I'll say verbage for words used to describe something.    I've been keeping a list of the silly word verifications (that I hate) that I'm going to make a blog about one day, and will probably make up definitions to go along with the words.
2.  I insert an R into my vocabulary a Tarco Bell, or Warcovia Bank, or "Can I ask you a querstion?"   I don't know why.
3.  I can tell a pretty good story.   I can fabricate, prevaricate or tell the truth, depends on why I'm telling what I'm telling, and to whom.   This is not to be confused with being a compulsive liar.  Oh, no, no!  By the time I'm finished, you'll know what's real and what's just there for humor's sake.
4.  I don't mind pulling a pretty good prank.   ::::evil grin::::   I can sometimes be an instigator.  
5.  My mind is always churning out ideas, blog entries, stories...I'm not always good at following through to put them on paper...or online.
6.  My parents are still together, for over 50 years.   I'm very proud of them both.
7.  I don't like to be ignored.   However, that's my first line of punishment when someone has gotten on my list.   It's a mental list.    Sometimes folks get on my list, but I can't remember why...or I can't remember that they're on it.   My list-keeping may be a little faulty.
Blog awards generally come with "rules" of passing it along to others.   At this time, I'll have to defer until another time because I need to do a little research on who already has the awards.   Awards do make the blogging rounds, you know!


  1. congrats! I enjoyed reading your seven things; I seriously thought about doing a blog entry about word verification words too, too funny!


  2. Congratulations! I like your list too and laughed out loud at your confession of number 7. It's so relatable!

  3. Congratulations on your awards, and it was interesting learning more about you...

  4. regarding #4....sometimes???!!! and #7...well, never a truth truer spoken! roflol!!!! quite a good list here. :) congrats! you really are like sunshine to many. really. ;)

  5. I'm sorry I missed your birthday! It looks like you had a lovely time. I will remember your recommendation to go and see the hotel. Alas, no way will we be staying at a place like that. I like your list of unknown things about you - interesting! Hope the snow melts soon and spring rushes in the doorway in your area.


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