Friday, February 26, 2010

Funny Stuff

It’s the official end of my birthday celebrations. We just had the office party for February birthdays. I have to say this has been one of the best birthdays ever for me. If this is any indication of what my year is going to be like, it’s going to be a good year indeed!

If I make it all day at work (and there’s no reason why I shouldn’t), this will be my first full week of work for this year! We’ve had a “winter break” day, holidays or snow days most every week, and I’ve taken a vacation day on one of the weeks we would have worked all week…so…this is my first full week of work for 2010. Wow. What a difference from the days of working “for” Mr. Big. I deleted my blog with all my Mr. Big stories, or I’d repost some of them. They were always good ones... good and gross that is… like the day he brought me his expense report and it had a booger on it. I told him to get if off my desk, and he denied that it was what it was…but it was. And I had to deal with it. Somewhere filed away in the cabinets of that company is an expense report with a booger on it. Yeah. And that paper doesn’t have any of my fingerprints on it, either. Don’t know how exactly I did it, but I did it.

Yeah. I don’t miss Mr. Big. I may have to do a recall from my memories and write some of them down, some are so outrageous that it’s hard to believe I dealt with it day after day after day. So different here, as different as night and day.

Ole Boy has a few good stories on him, too…

While at work one day, Ole Boy called and said, “You got time to hear something funny?"   “Sure, tell me something funny.”

He proceeded to tell me this story: “I was already dressed for work, you know, when I took Peppy for a walk. He did his thing, and when I scooped it up in the bag, I just hung it from my belt so that I could deposit it in the trash when I got back to the house." (It’s a small, black plastic bag.)

It was right before lunchtime when I get the phone call. The walk was hours before….

He continued “So, I was out on a call in a neighboring city, and I was talking to a lady, and my hand brushed up against this ‘thing’ hanging from my belt. I kept talking to the lady, but my mind is saying, ‘What is this?” I gave it a little feel, and it hit me what it was!”

You can imagine. I was literally cracking up. At work. With my coworkers  waiting for me to get off the phone and share the fun

Before we hung up, Ole Boy said, “These bags must be really strong, I didn’t smell a thing.” I couldn’t help but wonder if anyone else did! I asked him what he did when he realized, and he said, “I just excused myself and went to the restroom and got rid of it.” He told me he had already been to the office, and had been on three calls….

Have a great Friday….


  1. Lol. I am the person that something like that would happen too. I always seem to do something screwy but at least I can blame it on the MS lol.

  2. LOL; I love that Peppy/bag story with your hubby, always a good laugh :)

    I also remember Mr. Big, so glad you aren't working for him anymore.

    pretty good record to go this long into the new year without having worked a complete week (as of yet)

    sounds like it was a smashing birthday all around, looking forward to seeing what God has for you in this new year of your life :)

    happy weekend


  3. ha ha ha Oh my belly hurts from laughing - funny story! And I'll share my motto with you.... your birthday isn't over until you spend the last gift card so you can really stretch this celebration out! ha ha Have fun!

  4. Definitely an amusing story. I wonder if the people he went out to on the calls noticed....

  5. Ha! Thanks for the laugh. Those are some good (GROSS) stories. I think I threw up i my mouth a little about the booger one.. GROOOOOOSSSSSSSSS!



  6. Hilarious! Good thing the bag withstood the squishing between your fingers! lololol!

  7. Gross, but totally hysterical! Thanks for sharing! Glad you had such a wonderful birthday, and late Happy Birthday wishes from me too! Linda


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