Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ice Forest and Icy Mood

Southern Tennessee on Sunday
An Ice Forest

Close Up

It was very pretty.

I've been in a funk lately.   A little depressed, a lot of negative thinking.
I know how to preach it, Baybee, but I don't know how to practice it!

I need to change the name of my blog, eh?   I am certainly not amusing lately.

I am too ashamed shy to tell my real weight loss story here.   I've visited some blogs lately where the ladies really put it all out there...the pictures, the numbers...I wish I had that tenacity.   I have a story to tell, that's for sure...with lots of ups and downs.   I know I will be victorious, but at this moment, I am not feeling it.  

If I were to start a private journal with the pictures and the numbers, would anybody want to be a reader?   I may lack the confidence to send invitations out.   Although, if I follow through with making the blog (I have it named) I probably will send out a few invitations.  

I'm really irritable.  Not sure to yell or pout.  I'm sure part of it is hormonal.   Another part is questions, questions, questions that go unanswered.

I need to be studing some Spanish.

I weighed yesterday....official weight (or as official as I can get it because my starting weight was at my doctor's office.   My "now" weight is from my scales.  
At anyrate, it's 14 lbs.

Why do I feel so out of sorts?

Ah, but this will cheer me a little...


  1. if you started a private journal, I would be there

    send an invitation if you do

    I bet it is hormones

    or it is life

    but.........I read today when we are out of sorts and restless or frustated etc we should PRAISE and you know what, I did that today and you know what, it put my life in such a different perspective

    14 pounds is a GOOD thing

    beautiful pictures! ice is pretty but it sure is destructive sometimes, isn't it

    hang in there



  2. Honestly, I felt that I wrote this blog. Truly explains how I am feeling this past month and am afraid to get on the scale.


  3. If you started a private journal I would love to read it. In fact I am thinking about doing the same thing for myself!

  4. I think of my blog as a refrigerator magnet... if I put it on my fridge at home then people can read it... hence putting it up on the blog.

    I'll say that your feeling.... peevish! ha ha It's a Edwardian Era thing my sister and I use.

    You still amuse me Margaret and I LURVE the close up picture! It looks like mercury dripping on the branch twigs! LURVE IT!!!!

  5. Those pictures are amazing!! Wow. I hear ya about wight issues and honestly and blogging... I dont think I could do it either. Its a tough road! But if it helps I'll be praying for you!


  6. Those ice pictures are awesome... remind me of the way certain times of our lives are. Beauty and life encased in ice and frozen coldness... Mmm that would make a good poem I think. I know that there are certain times during the year that I have to WORK at not being to depressed... I put on Praise Music, listen to comedies, and watch our crazy corgis play, etc. I've also heard that the short days of winter months and the lack of full-spectrum light tends to cause some people to become depressed.

    I know that the winter months are when a LOT of my loved ones have passed away, and that, deep down, my body reacts to that. I've gotten some full spectrum light bulbs to use in the areas where I work in the house during the day and in the evening to also try to counteract THAT problem.

    Weight... I don't even want to GO there. I'm like you and find it so easy to talk all the right things and SO HARD to DO them! I tend to gain during the winter and then spend spring and summer trying to lose it again (BIG SIGH!)

    I'll be praying for you. Your Friend, Linda from Corgi Country


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