Monday, February 15, 2010

It's all about the Gulls

It's snowing again today...another day off. We are off on Friday, as well (unless we have to make up today) so I have a three day workweek. I haven't worked a full week this year. I got pretty close, but still haven't. I'm not complaining.

We've had more snow in 2010 than we've had in the last several years added together. What amazes me is that there is still green grass in my backyard.

Ole Boy and I went to Deibert Park on Saturday.  
The seagulls were everywhere!  I love those birds.

Gulls and Geese

And a Woodpecker in my backyard.

Have a great week, y'all!


  1. love, love, love your shots! thanks for reminding me to check out your blog. really makes me sad, too in a way, i haven't been out with my camera in MONTHS!!! is REALLY interferring with my life. lol oh keep up the good work. you've really gotten some great pix. hey...send some of your snowy, wintery ones in to are posting local pix. :)

  2. wonder if the gulls came in because of the snow coming; we never see gulls here unless there will be rain and they come in from the ocean (why, I have no idea, maybe its more windy there)

    that looks like a neat park to go to and spend some time.

    wow, you sure are getting lots of snow days :)

    hope everything is okay....I know its been a tough time for you and your area recently


  3. Your pictures are always so uplifting to me reminding me of God's handiwork in the land, the sky and the animals! Thanks for sharing! Linda


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