Thursday, March 25, 2010

Buds and Blooms on a Dreary Day

I can’t believe it’s Friday eve of my spring break!   It’s been dark and dreary today, much like my mood.   I’ve been achy and grouchy all day.   I’m sure Ole Boy is glad he was at work.   I did venture out to Walmart to get a huge storage container for some spring cleaning.   So far, the container has made to the middle of the kitchen floor.

We just had a hail storm.    About the size of marbles or a little smaller.   Small marbles, and lots of it!   And I had no one to share it with.   Kinda like having no one to laugh with when something funny happens.  Like once upon a yesteryear a fairly well known doctor was in a jewelry store the same time my friend was, and he was gaseous.   Loudly gaseous, and my friend had no one with whom to laugh and point.    Which is good, because we were young enough at the time to have done just that.    Yes, I was classless enough to have just told that.   It’s my blog, ya know.   :::::snicker:::::

Now the sun is shining again.    Alabama weather.   Don’t blink.

I’ve gotten nothing accomplished on spring break.    Oh, that’s not true!   I got some pictures of blooms and buds.   No birds, though.   I was disappointed at my favorite park where there are usually lots of birds and turtles, there were none.   


  1. Beautiful pics of some flowers.

  2. those are great pictures! I think sometimes it is good to have a week where nothing gets accomplished and you just "hang out" but sorry that it was an achy day, those are never fun


  3. Sometimes you enjoy a break doing nothing at all. You get to mentally and physically rest and sometimes that is better than the spring cleaning.

    Very pretty blossoms and blooms you have there!! As much as I lurve winter, I do enjoy seeing all the new blooms too! Have a great FRIDAY!

  4. I agree with ChaChaneen... sometimes we really do need a nice break!

    I hope you have refreshing spring break.

  5. Your pictures are beautiful as usual! You must have needed the rest! Linda

  6. Gorgeous pictures! There is nothing green or blooming here. It will be at least another month, especially as our temperatures are due to dip down to +5 degrees C, lower than the seasonal average. The prediction is for snow again on Thursday and Friday. We desperately need the moisture but snow - - - !!! I hope your Easter was joyful and amazing as you remembered His resurrection.


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