Monday, March 29, 2010

Product Review

I have some SlimQuick Appetite Control for Women powdered dietary supplement drink packets.   I had not tried them until this morning.   These pink lemonade flavored supplements have 5 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber.   No caffiene or other well known diet drug stuff in this particular choice...but they do have folic acid and chromium.    I notice that slimquick has other "supplements" that have hoodia.    I won't be buying any.   I wouldn't be drinking this, either, if I didn't already have it.   Will I drink the rest of them?   Largely depends on how soon I feel hungry...

When I poured it into my water bottle, I had to shake and shake and shake.   Then shake some more.    Then shake a again.    Finally, it was drinkable.    Well, the powder was dissolved anyway.    It tastes terrible not too good.    I have 9 more packets.   It was $10.    I finished drinking the nasty stuff....let's see how soon I am hungry again.   Oh, I had a few walnuts and about an ounce of cheese with it.  

I also have some Special K drink mix.   I wonder if it's any better?   I doubt seriously that it could be worse.

I also have some Walmart brand Orange Early Rise drink packets with 100% vitamin C, and I love it!!   I try to drink at least one of these a day.  Pour the packet in, give a little shake, open and enjoy your daily dose of sugar free vitamin C. 


  1. definitely stay away from hooda, but what you had this morning doesn't sound too bad. I know when I was going through weight loss clinic they recommend the supplement chromium picolonate (you can buy it at a health food store) it is supposed to control your blood sugar a bit so it doesn't fluctate a lot causing hunger. I think it did work like it said. evaluate your hunger, is it mind hunger or physical hunger? are you thinking you are hungry because something triggers you to want to eat like you see something you want or is it in your stomach hunger? that helps me too to on evaluating waiting to eat. I know you can do this!


  2. I dont know if I could finish off the packets if they were that bad, I would have to pass them on.

  3. How ya feeling this evening? I have a vitamin C supplement powder drink too from when I was sick recently - pink lemonade - yummy!

  4. Sounds interesting. I am out of my Chromium supplement that I usually take and I really need to get some more. It make a big difference for me. I've used it for years for some help in my blood sugar control and I don't have to take nearly as much insulin.


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