Monday, April 19, 2010


I'm back from Florida.
It was a perfectly wonderful vacation.

This is were I stayed, thanks to my two beautiful sisters...
the Dolphin on the Disney Resort

We were walking distance from the Disney Boardwalk. 

Snowy Egret  (Mt. Dora)

Dragonfly  (Mt. Dora)

Osprey (Mt. Dora)

Green Heron (Thanks, Gina)  (Boardwalk)

Great Blue Heron  (Central Florida Zoo, but not part of the zoo)

Snake  it has a real name, I can't remember! (Boardwalk)

Greenwinged Macaw (Central Florida Zoo)

More later, probably...I have lots of pictures. 
Whether or not I will bore you with any more is anyone's guess.


  1. well...i couldn't have asked for a better business mixed with pleasure trip myself! :) and these are GREAT pix!! the snake bird is an anhinga and the other in question is a green heron. yw hehee

  2. looks like a beautiful place where you guys stayed, Meg! and it sounds like it was a nice trip!! love all the pictures that you shared today and all the pictures that you will share if you decide to share any more (that's a confusing sentence)

    I'm glad Gina commented first with the name of that bird (not that I knew what it was called) but was curious of its name

    does the Disney Boardwalk have stores along it? Or just a walk with nature type of thing?

    glad you got back safe and sound :)


  3. It looks like you had a good time. The pictures are really pretty!!!

  4. Oh, I LOVED the photos! Postcard gorgeous!

    More, yes more. :-)


  5. We'd LOVE to see more of such beautiful pictures. It makes your trip come alive for us! Never boring! Linda

  6. Welcome back! Not a bore at all to look at your gorgeous pictures! It's like going on vacation through you! Looks like you had beautiful weather too! Get some rest..

  7. HOw fun!!! I have always wanted to stay at the Dolphin... that resort is GORGEOUS!!!

    Be blessed-


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