Thursday, April 8, 2010

My daughter is feeling a little bruised this morning.   
That’s because she is.

Yesterday, she was talking to a mechanic about her car.    She’d popped the hood, and they hadn’t closed it all the way.   She tried a few times to shut it completely with her hand, but couldn’t, so she decided to sit on it to close it.    Keep in mind she is very pregnant.   And the garage was quite crowded.

As she sat on the hood to close it, somehow, she caught her derriere in the process, and she suddenly found herself pinned to the hood of her car unable to move, and unable to pop the hood to release herself.

None of the mechanics or the customers could figure out what was going on.   All they could see was some pregnant girl sitting on the hood of the car yelling, “My butt!  My butt!”   

Finally, one of the mechanics figured it out, and popped the hood for her. 

Poor Dear. 
I have laughed at her until I cried.


  1. your poor daughter!!! she is going to have a big bruise I would imagine!! thankfully it is a little bit more time before she gives birth, otherwise that would be an interesting story to have to share with the doctors and nurses!

    seriously, she is okay, right???


  2. Oh noes! What a story she will have to tell new baby when it grows older!

    I hope it heals fast,

  3. thinks there is a lil sadistic blood in us...oh dear, oh dear, the poor girl. hehehe

  4. Oh my goodness!! Poor thing!! BUt HA! That is one funny picture you painted!!


  5. Oh my stars, poor thing is right! ha ha That's a story for the baby book though!

  6. I'm sure that you wouldn't have laughed if it had been serious, but I'll bet it won't be long (if it hasn't happened already) before she is laughing herself. You really painted the picture quite clearly! I'm giggling with you! Linda


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