Monday, May 24, 2010

Samara was visiting with Papa T and GiGi,
and Papa T asked her if she wanted to build a birdhouse.
Oh me, Papa T!
Can I do that?
I’m only three!
Papa T said, “We just need a hammer
and some nails and a little wood!”

Wow-wee, Papa T! 
Hammer nails??
I’m only three!
Papa T said, “Of course you can,
and what a good job you’re doing!”
That sure was fun,
Let’s build some more!
After all, I’m almost four!!


  1. lol i love it...and i love the pix too. they are who took them? keep posting on fb when you do an entry...that way i'll see em. :)

  2. how cute!! loved the story you told in rhyme. I hope Mom gets to see this :)


  3. What a cutie, and I'll bet she remembers getting to do this for a long time. These are the sweet memories of life!


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