Monday, May 17, 2010


As in Civil War.   We took a little road trip to Shiloh National Military Park in Tennessee.   It was a beautiful day, and I got lots of pictures.    That was Saturday before last.   Last Saturday, we went to Ethridge, TN to visit Mennonite Country.    Got some yummy homemade bread and peanut brittle...and some fried peach pies that canNOT be beat!   As you are probably aware, the Amish people fear getting their picture made, so I didn't take any shots.   There were the cutest little children, though, that I wanted to badly to take a picture of, dressed in their little hats and old-timey clothes, pulling a wagon.   Too cute...but I resisted.

Have a great week, y'all!


  1. looks like interesting day trips! yum on the pies!! they truly can cook, can't they? I think its neat you guys take trips like this to explore your part of the country; amazing what you can find in these adventures :)


  2. You live in the best of land of history! I lurve to see all the places you visit! Keep these posts coming and your gorgeous pics!


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