Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I have been reflecting.

I’m ready to change…to be changed…

…To hone my talents and use the gifts
God gave me to my fullest ability.

It’s not an easy task, this thing called change.

Neither is it easy to discern what it is that
I can change, and what God must change.

Even more difficult is letting go and letting Him.

All photographs are Deibert Park, June, 2010



  1. this is beautiful; both the words and the pictures!! It would make a great mini devotion or inspiring plaque or booklet or something!! change is hard, isn't it? I know I struggle with it so much myself! and letting go and letting God is a hard one too, but always the best one. I think you are doing great in your reflections and your changes!!!!!


  2. I like being a self-reliant woman, so I often struggle with discerning positive letting go from negative floating along.

    I understand this all very well & it was beautifully presented as well. ~Mary

  3. Wow-
    I may have found a kindred spirit.
    I am now a follower and am off to read other posts.

    Stop by if you have time,

    White Spray Paint

  4. Betty is right... This would make a beautiful Mini Book Devotional. It is the prayer of all of us that have chosen to follow God's Path sooner or later... and the pictures set off the words beautifully!


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