Friday, July 30, 2010

The End of the Beginning

It's the end of Deb’s Freedom Challenge, which joined for the month of July.    June had gone so well for me that I figured I was on a roll and could do this!

My goals were:
1.   Memorize Bible Verses
2.   Walking
3.   Gym
4.   Healthier choices and no gorging in restaurants
5.   Stop shoveling it in!

Every week, I got more and more lax until this week…which has been completely off.   I hate that I wasted a whole month.   Not only will I have not lost any weight, I am afraid that I will be up a few pounds.    I will now have to analyze what must be done, because I am not going to continue to go backwards. 

And how I know is because God is for me not against me.   And His grace is sufficient for me.   If I didn’t have hope in Him, I don’t know what I’d do…other than continue down the wrong road.

Ok…let’s analyze what I lacked this month:

·         A plan.
·         Consistency.
·         Not following the goals that I made for myself.    The most important one is memorizing scripture.   Haven’t put much time into this at all.

Loretta did an entry about consistency, and I kinda read over it, but didn’t let it sink in.   I didn’t want it to sink in because consistency means I have to commit.   A plan means I have to commit.    Following goals calls for commitment.   I obviously haven’t committed, and while I still believe in complete freedom for people like me, I need to get a plan, some consistency and follow the goals that I make for myself.   If I don’t, I find myself at the end of a perfectly good month with a gain.  

August is my do-over month.    I'll commit to these goals, and I will put my trust in the One who can help me, instead of trusting in myself.   I’ll remember that I only have to deal with each day for as long as that day is.   When the next day rolls around, I will then deal with that day.  

(An added note:  I just walked across campus, and I could see a noticeable difference in my breathing.   I only walked (as exercise) one time this week, but this is my first off week for walking since May 24.   Definitely encouraging to see that I'm not nearly as breathless and worn out...and all the more reason to shake it off and get back on track!)


  1. I KNOW you will get back on track. Everyone falls off the grid a bit, but not everyone gets back on.
    You are already back on.

  2. this morning I was walking the dog, not really thinking of anything specifically, but this thought came into my head (for what it is worth) "maybe Meg should go back to Weight Watchers". I only am saying it as the thought that came into my head in reference to this. Other day driving with hubby, not even thinking about this, following thought came into my head that I literally blurted out while it was still in my head "you should take your guitar with you when you go and see your parents to play some music for them". at which point, hubby said "I was thinking along those same lines the night before" (but didn't mention it to me). so, just passing on that thought that miraculously was in my head this morning regarding you, just in case a seed was planted....

    you know what to do and you will do it. I have confidence in you. You will get back on plan in the month of August, which incidentally is the month I'm declaring as a get healthy month myself; no excuses since my load is really light next month).

    find four verses you want to memorize by the end of the month. I know Beth Moore did a scripture challenge last year with having people learn a verse a week. Keep it simple. If you do more than four, great. But at least get four down during August.

    August will be a good month!


  3. Uh-hmmm. From what I just read, it sounds to me like the FREEDOM Challenge was a very productive four weeks indeed. :)

    You can't fix something unless you know it needs fixing. It sounds like now you know.

    I've discovered some areas that need work, myself, during this four weeks. Oddly, I'm a feeling a lot more enthusiastic on your behalf than my own. chuckle.



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