Sunday, July 25, 2010

Idea Number 6: How To Sabotage a Diet

Nine Ways to Sabotage a Perfectly Good Diet With a Binge
(And I should know because I’ve lived it)

  1. Start off a hot Thursday morning with a Jack’s bacon and cheese biscuit.   That in itself it not so bad, now is it?    (After all, I left off fried potatoes and sweet tea, and I did do my walk before I ate.)
  2. Have a big slice of pizza from Sam’s for lunch.   Eat all of it, even though it isn’t the best pizza.   (I can’t really say I’ve ever had “bad” pizza.)
  3. Eat Texas Roadhouse for dinner…complete with rolls and butter and all the peanuts you can eat.    Three meals…not necessarily square, but only three.
  4. On Friday, get up and eat a decent breakfast, but don’t walk.
  5. Eat Chinese buffet for lunch with friends.  Whine about how stuffed you are.
  6. Eat a decent Subway sandwich for dinner, but also eat Funyuns and red velvet cake.
  7. On Saturday, admit that you are on a binge and eat thusly, and forget about walking.   If you don’t have to, don’t walk anywhere.   Drive.   Better yet, talk someone else into going for you.
  8. On Sunday, skip breakfast.   Think about getting back on your diet.  Go to church and hear the preacher talk about addictions, and give the frightening statistics of Americans with addictions.   Try to act nonchalant as he mentions food addition for the third time.  Hope no one is casting sly glances your way.
  9. After church (early service), go eat pancakes with butter and full-leaded (sugar, that is) syrup.  

I started a diet on May 24.   I have walked most every day since then.   I have lost 24 pounds….well, up until this weekend, now I am sure I am at a pound or two less than 24.   There is no explanation why I take steps back, but I do.   Had I not taken so many steps back since I started I would have lost probably 30 pounds.  I sometimes put my name in Bible verses when I am praying….Oh foolish Margaret, who hath bewitched you?   (Gal 3)  (Usually, I put my name in the blessing verses!)   Unfortunately, I have no answers for the questions, but this I know, I won’t give up.   My first goal is 60 pounds by October 17.  After my latest binge and three steps back, I have made a very doable goal a difficult one.

I write this blog in a lighthearted way, but there is nothing lighthearted about the heartbreak of obesity and the years of trying to overcome.   I believe that there is freedom for people like me…and I will plug along day by day, believing and hoping, and knowing that God’s grace is sufficient for me.

I had started a “secret” weight loss blog.   If, by chance, you ever landed on that blog, there is no hint of who the author is, because I was hiding like losing weight is something shameful.   But that’s a silly approach to what I want to do and who I am.   For sure, those who know me know I’m overweight, and my friends (most of them, anyway) are rooting for me to lose the baggage.

I’d need to open a big ol’ can of inclination to keep up with two blogs; therefore, I am going to share my journey here on my regular blog.    Besides, I couldn’t find a can of inclination anywhere, and they don’t sell it at Wal*Mart. 

Because I started this weekend off bad I’m going to end it bad, too.   (translated:  I tripped on the top step, so now I’m throwing myself down the whole flight.)  Tomorrow morning, I will get up and start again.    Next Sunday, I will weigh and hopefully I will have lost more than 24 pounds.


  1.'ve had an off week....doesn't matter, cause i know this next week will be better. God IS bigger than all of our problems and He is with you every step of the way. just hang on to that faith and keep trusting in the one who has already won that freedom for you!!! love ya!

  2. Not a week, Chick! Only three days. :) love you!

  3. Well, hi! I have followed you from "the secret blog" to here. :D

    Loved this post. KNow this pain. Obviously, since you've read my posts, you know that I have no answers. But, like you, I know the One who does--we'll just take His hand and move on.

    Onward and forward, fellow traveler,


  4. hugs to you; no wise words but know that you are on the right course to keep going forward on your venture to get healthy and hoping the steps will go forward more consistently in the days ahead


  5. wake up tomorrow and start again, no guilt no worries

  6. Every single person takes steps backward all the time....but you have taken more forward than backward, and you will continue to do so.

  7. You rascal, you!! I hurried on over from The Secret Blog, and was attacked by a... gasp... SPIDER!!!!!

    I seriously considered deleting the bookmark to The Offending Image, right then and there! However, I endured, survived my panic attack, and struggled on, bolstered by my affection for the Blogger proffering The Offensive Image.

    I will endure. I will suffer this challenge. I will be back.

    Must now go breath into a paper bag til The Offending Image is erased from my imagination...

    LLLLoretta (still stuttering from having been exposed to The Offending Image)

    =^@@^= (even the kitty has wide eyes!)

  8. (you DO know I'm teasing you, right??)


  9. Ahhh, the blessing of a new day to start over! Don't be too hard on yourself ~ you have lost 24 pounds! YAHOO!! I think I just heard trumpets!

  10. Congrats on the 24 lbs. I should start again, but I'm still laying at the bottom of the stairs looking up and sighing heavily. I'd actually gotten up 1/3 of the stairs at 50 lbs. lost at one point... If I'm not at the bottom now, I'm close. Even my Dr. office scale doesn't go high enough now, so I have no idea where I really am. I always start the day doing good, but then by dinner, I cook for the family and end up eating to much, then sleeping on it so that it goes to fat I think.

    I have a couple of Chinese followers. I got the Google Translate button from that site and put it on the top right corner of my blog. You can change the language of my blog by typing in the one you want, so they can read it, and then, when they leave a message, I go to Google translate, copy and paste their message to find out what they said, then I usually comment back on my blog (with the English Translation) because they don't have any other way for me to email them or communicate with them about their comments. It's working alright for me. I also have a French follower that we use Google Translate to communicate with, and on Facebook, I have some Swedish and some Finnish followers. I LOVE Google Translate!

  11. I feel your pain Meg but everyday is a new day. I love the layout of your blog, so cool and the colors are wonderful.

  12. Well hang in there. I am working out every morning but sometimes last week we were gone all week and I couldn't do that but I will start again in the morning. I fasted a few days ago for spiritual and control reasons for my weight and lost 12 pounds in 10 days. I have kept it off. Sometimes I try to drink a v8 juice which helps fill me up and only has 70 calories. So keep trying. I am and I know you can.


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