Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's What I Know....

I have decided…
·    That I must be getting old growing up because I don’t have to buy something every time my little heart desires it.
·    That I have very good taste in purses because every one I liked at TJ Maxx’s today was over $100.00, except the one on sale for $99.
·    That a single pack of pink lemonade drink mix is too much for a small cup of water from Taco Bell.

I have noticed…
·    That the people hostilely yelling about being disrespected are the ones who’ve done very little to earn respect, and respect others even less. 
·    That many of these folks are people who must, often times, make appearances in the criminal court system.
·    That the older I get, the more I realize how unimportant things I let annoy me are, like some lawbreaker yelling that they have been disrespected. 

I believe…
·    That there is a very merciful God in Heaven; and whether or not you believe that does not negate His existence. 
·    That America’s Christians need to open their eyes, pray and seek divine guidance, and vote accordingly in the next election, and the next presidential election, as well.
·    That it’s time for true believers to step up and speak God’s truth, and not back down and apologize when “the world” disagrees.

I Admit…
·    That I continue to (periodically) read a particular blogger because she’s a train wreck.
·    I don’t like to be touched by others unless I have emotional or family ties, and sometimes not even then.   I cringe when the preacher says “shake hands” and I cringe even more when he says “hug your neighbor.”   I’m perfectly OK with a smile and a wave.
·    I can be pretty judgmental.   I find, though, that it’s usually those things that I don’t like about myself that I detest in others.    (Yeah, I know.   I’m working on it.)


  1. LOL, I find myself reading that particular blog too for that very reason. I totally agree with you about American Christians and I totally agree about true believers speaking the truth no matter what. Thank you, I have been stewing something in my mind and asked God about it, I think something is taking shape.......

    loved your thoughts you shared this morning, I think it is maturity when you don't have to buy everything your heart desires. I also think it means you are content with eternal rather than trying to fill up temporal


  2. Love this post. Really. Love it. (I hope that *I* am not the train wreck blog, although I would not be offended if *I* am, but I am pretty sure you meant a BIG blogger, and I think I might agree with you, ANY WHO!)

    But there are lots of great points here and I am so proud of you for sharing Truth!!!

    Be blessed!


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