Saturday, July 31, 2010

Round Robin Photo Challenge

I haven't done a Round Robin Photo Challenge in a very long time!

This time around the challenge will be "BY THE WATER."  Sound good?  Any interpretation is fine, as are archived photos, but you know, I love seeing you grab new shots.  So, go out there and find some bottled WATER. A WATERing Hole. A Glass of WATER. WATER on the beach. It's all good.

The fountain where I work

Cane Creek Wilderness Preserve Waterfall

Opryland Hotel (before the flood)

Cane Creek

Mount Dora, Florida


  1. Hi Margaret :)

    Hon, these are among some of the most serene photographs I have seen today. Simply lovely. It makes me feel all calm inside just looking at them, I can imagine what it's like to be there in person. Lovely choice for the challenge!

    :) Carly

  2. Great shots!! Has a very calming effect just by looking at it. Happy weekend!


  3. Mount Dora! My grandmother spent a lot of time there when I was a kid; for one thing, she owned an orange grove somewhere in Florida at the time. I remember it as a place of roses.

    These photos are all terrific, but my favorites are the fountain and the Opryland one. FRramed behind trees like that, the fountain looks almost like a part of nature itself!

  4. Love your collection of photos! I like your perspective of that waterfall at the hotel, what happen to it after the flood?

    The boat you see in my blog is used for Dragon Boat race- few rowers are seated in a boat, with one beating the drum at the front.

  5. love the all; especially liked the foundation at your work place; looks like it could be relaxing to watch it for a bit!

    how fun to participate in a meme like this! enjoy Sunday!


  6. Very refreshing selection ! The fountain looks real beautiful !

  7. Lovely photos. Makes me want to be there for a nice restful vacation.

  8. What a beautiful fountain. And the waterfalls, how I wish I could go see those in person. =) Beautiful images, thank you for sharing!

  9. Jama...the flood wiped out the Opryland was such a beautiful place. They are restoring it, I'm interested to know what it will look like when they are finished, I heard it may be finished by October.

  10. A really strong set, that last one is excellent, good composition and nice and sharp. :)


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