Saturday, July 24, 2010

Things to Blog About

27 Things I Could Blog About
But I’m Too Lazy Tired Busy

  1. How to manage 14 years without an oven.
  2. Surviving 3 teenagers under my roof at one time (without killing one...or all...of them).
  3. Does the southern accent promote poor grammar?
  4. Profanity is not pretty.
  5. Is Mexican food addictive?
  6. 9 ways to sabotage a perfectly good diet with a binge, (one of which is Mexican food).
  7. The pros and cons of bifocals...does it admit to middle age?
  8. Silly (un-enforced) laws still “on the books” (In Alabama, it is illegal to wear a fake moustache that causes laughter in church.)
  9. How to take a good digital photograph in 20 shots or more
  10. Dealing with an insane boss without punching him in the face.
  11. Avoiding jail when you punch your ex-boss in the face.
  12. The damage a 15x magnification mirror can cause to your face
  13. Breathing hot water (July and August in the humid deep south)
  14. How many times my husband (aka “Ole Boy”) can watch Andy Griffith reruns  (think infinity)  Ok, that’s not really a blog idea, it would be on the list of “Questions That Can’t Be Answered.”
  15. Questions that can’t be answered
  16. Things my mother told me that turned out to be very true
  17. I’m turning into my mother!
  18. The irony in the name of this blog, The Brown Recluse, considering I am dreadfully afraid of spiders!
  19. 101 things about me (nah, I’m too AADD for that)
  20. My self diagnosis of AADD and OCD (and why I always have an urge to add another C to OCD to make it more even as OCDC)
  21. Avoiding housework
  22. Excuses for not having a party at my house (when the real reason is because I avoided housework)
  23. Scrambling to get the house clean before the party guests arrive
  24. Middle age ain’t all it’s cracked up to be...I now need bifocals 
  25. The Empty Nest doesn’t hurt at all!
  26. Ways to trick a diabetic dog into getting a shot of insulin
  27. Twenty-seven ways to fill up a blog page.   J
You know…maybe I really will blog about some of these one day.


  1. I think you should blog about "I'm turning into my mother!" The older I get, the more often I say that. It could be a fun weekly observance. What do you think?

  2. I find that I most remind myself of my mother when I am "preaching" to my daughter! lol That, dancing a frantic jig if a spider ever gets on me....

  3. hmmm....some interesting ideas can do it too...all 27 of em if ya wanted. :)

  4. ovens are over rated in my opinion, LOL. love your new blog look. moms are wise people, aren't they? sadly, sometimes we realize they are wise when it is too late

    if you blogged about each and every one of these 27 things, I would read them all


  5. I've been without an oven at least that long... Goodness, you sound way to much like me, in a LOT of areas... :)

  6. You'd be amazed at how often I function perfectly without using my oven. ~Mary


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