Sunday, August 1, 2010

Challenges and Do-Overs

About the diet…

I gained 1.2 pounds (two weeks).    Kinda makes me mad.    I won’t even hash out the whys and hows of its happening.  It happened.  It’s in the past.

However, I am doing my July goals over for August.   Do-overs are nice!   My goals:

  1. Memorize Scripture so that when I can’t be reading and studying, I can still meditate and “peace out” because I’ll have peace in...  
  2. Walk!  It does a body good!
  3. Go to the gym.   I am at least going to make the initial visit.   Get familiar with going…get over the psychological barriers that stop me from going.   And the lazy ones, too.
  4. Order healthier and do NOT gorge in restaurants!
  5. Stop shoveling it in!!!!
I am also joining Loretta in her
 challenge for consistency for the month of August.
August will be different than July!


  1. I know you will have a great August!


  2. Glad you are refocusing and starting again.

  3. Wahoo, do-overs! Don't forget your last comment on the last challenge post, tho! :D


  4. Sounds like you might want to make 1 goal that makes you smile, refreshed, or relaxed! Have you picked out your 1 Thing?

    Either way, August is going to be great!

  5. I'm seeing a loss(for you) this week though.


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