Sunday, August 8, 2010

Diet Update

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I am at the half way mark of my first goal.    I'm a little amazed, considering last week I'd gained a pound.   I'm only guessing that this is payoff for three weeks, not just one.

This past week I walked 5 out of six days.   I made flash cards of Psalm 139 and memorized the chapter while I walked on my treadmill. (May I just say that was a GREAT idea!   Oh, I feel your applause!)  Yesterday morning was so pleasant I walked through the 'hood.  

I was mostly consistent, but I have to admit that I am really fighting these weekends.   It is an area of my life that I can't explain...yet.   Freedom is coming.  

I have joined Loretta's Just 1 Thing Consistency Challenge, and my goal was to just be consistent with what I'm trying to accomplish.   I've certainly been consistent.   Consistently messing up my weekends.   I found an old Weight Watcher's booklet and it had a quiz in it that pin points where you might need extra help.   My biggest scorer was "Monitor Yourself."    Ya think?   A high second was "Prepare Yourself."    I wonder if I prepared a plan to monitor myself a little more on the weekends....

After reviewing my goal, I really think I missed the idea on what Loretta was trying to challenge in us.   Maybe my goal should have been more specific like "Monitor Myself" or "Prepare Myself."


  1. I need some of your determination. Been so lazy and down that I can not get my butt out of a chair to exercise. I get up for other things but not exercise.

  2. Weeelllll.... if I did my Just 1 Thing the way you did yours, it might've been something like: be consistent on everything I'm already workin on.

    So, it's nothing new. And vague. A moving target. And I'd have to track a half dozen things to see if I was doing it.

    I didn't WANT to focus on that many things. I was tired! LOL!!

    But I figure everybody should do it the way that works for them. But if you need to adjust it, that's fine with me, too!

    Maybe you'd like one such as: each night, jot down a quick plan for the next day. (prepare yourself). Or something like that??

    In other words, what ACTIONS would you take to Prepare Yourself. Something simple and trackable... I did it, yes or no.

    You'll think of what will work for YOU. :-)


  3. I think you are just where you are supposed to be.


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