Tuesday, August 3, 2010

God Answers Small, Silly Prayers, too

A couple of weeks ago, Ole Boy locked not one, but both sets of keys in his truck.    We tried for about 20 minutes to break into it with a hanger…no luck.   He thought he may have another key to the truck in his filing cabinet, but the keys to the cabinet were locked in the truck.
When he went inside to see if he could get into the filing cabinet, I asked God to help us get into the truck.   I expected God to make the hanger work…
When Ole Boy came back, he had a set of keys in his hand, and told me that he’d left the filing cabinet unlocked.   And he told me that he knew the key to the truck wasn’t on that ring.   He looked through the keys and found one that was not a door key.  He stuck it in the door and gave it a wiggle.   The locked popped up.    He got his keys out of the truck, and just looked at me.

I said, “Bring that key over here and let me try it on this door.”   I couldn’t even get it to go in the lock.  He went back to the other side and he couldn’t get the key in that lock, either.


  1. Oh, I LOVE when that kind of thing happens! It reminds me loud and clear that God is aware of me. Sometimes, those "little" favors, are the most meaningful just because of their smallness in the grand scheme of things.

    Yes. God is aware of us--and reaches down to give us a little hug just to make sure we know that. :)

    God is good.


  2. I wouldn't have called this a small silly prayer. You know God knows every detail about us and nothing is too small or silly to ask of him. I think it is awesome when he reveals himself to us in ways like this that we know it is only from him and his work! and how he chooses to answer prayers. Awesome testimony!! I'm betting you told Ole Boy you said a prayer about God helping you guys too :)

    thanks for sharing this :)

    have an awesome day!


  3. Ditto what Deb and Betty said!

    I loved the part where you tried that key again in the same lock and it didn't open again... cool!

    Hugs from the Father...


  4. and this isn't the first time i've heard of an instance like this!! :) God is so good!!!!

  5. I lurve this! He is so faithful!

  6. Well, you know I am your heathen reader, but I hope you are right. ~Mary

  7. Have you ever read a Guidepost Magazine? They have a regular part in there called "His Mysterious Ways" that always has stories like this one in it. I've seen miracles like this before and it is such a wonderful reminder from God of His love for us. It needs to be shared for there are those out here that need to hear it!


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