Thursday, August 12, 2010

Idea Numbers 10 and 11

On with the list....

10)  Dealing  with an Insane Boss Without Punching Him in the Face
11)  Avoiding Jail When You Punch Your Ex-boss in the Face

To clear up number 11, I didn’t punch him in the face.   Had I punched him in the face, I probably would NOT have gotten jail time just because of the stories I’d tell that led up to my punching him in the face.   The best way to avoid jail time is to avoid the crime…I feel like I need to document that just in case I ever have to punch him for old times sake.

Mr. Big was the general manager of the company I worked for before I landed my current wonderful position.    He was one of the most hated and unrespected men I’d ever met.   (My spell check says “unrespected” is not a word.   Webster never met Mr. Big.)  He only kept the position because he owned 25% of the company and the VP was his brother.  

Ah, he was quite a character, our Mr. Big; a big, long-horned bull ready to charge at the slightest provocation.    His main function was to fill vending machines and order a supply.   Yes, that’s correct:  ONE supply.   Granted, that particular supply kept the business going, but it didn’t take long to order a truck load or two every week.    OK, yes, he did take on various other temporary functions along the way; “temporary” because he was rarely consistent, and someone else had to pick up the slack.    

We never knew when he might show up for work.   It could be as early as 6 a.m. or as late as 10.   One thing for certain is that when he got there, we all knew it.   Often, within minutes, he would be in a profanity peppered shouting match with someone.     Or, he would be asking for something irrelevant that no one had time to do, like type a separate spreadsheet for every invoice that the company owed because he couldn’t understand the standard reports from the accounting software used to manage the company.   

He and I had many rounds.    He would get so mad I could almost see steam coming from his little red ears, for things like my refusal to spend half a day typing a spreadsheet of every invoice for the month, when I had just handed him a report with that very information.  He would stand in my office yelling, working himself up into a lather.   He was a big man, and he would jump up and down with his rants.    Once, he jerked the papers I was working on from my desk, wadded them up, and threw them back at me.   

There was a time or two he caught my eye from across the conference room, and he would mouth “I hate you.”   It was comical.   He drew his fist back at me once; that was not comical.    Later that month, I  heard he was taking anger management classes.   With those classes, he became even more condescending; unfortunately.    He was back to his normal daily trouble-causing self within a short period of time.   I worked there for 8 years.   I don’t know why, either.

He almost did get that punch in the face one night.  Had it not been for four guys holding him back, one of the nightshift guys would punched him good.   Or killed him.   As the others were holding him back Mr. Big fired the guy, then locked himself in his office and stayed there all night until we came in the next morning.    When Brother VP got in, Mr. Big started to cry.    I don’t think he bothered the night crew (which he’d hired from the work release center) anymore.  

There were some not so bad days (two or three of them) with Mr. Big.   He could act like a human being when he tried, but he didn’t try too often.   Even though he created constant grief, I have some very fond memories of the place.   There are some very good people working there, and have worked there for many, many years.    It’s one of the worst jobs to have in North Alabama, and the guys that do jobs like that deserve a lot more respect and money than they get from Mr. Big.  


  1. well, i think that last paragraph states the why you stayed...and of course your main boss was another reason. poor big miserable he must be. seems i remember a conversation where he admitted to you that he didn't know why he did the things he did and you even felt sorry for him. very short lived i know. lol

  2. I started following your blog when you were working for Mr. Big. He sounds like a very interesting character; made you wonder why he chose to act the way he did. so glad you are working some place else now where you love it and it is less stressful!

    how is the week going? praying for you


  3. Been there with 4 Mr Bigs trying to run an office all at one time and not one of them knowing what the other told me to do.. I had 4 telling me to do things different ways. I worked 7 years for them and finally one day. I got my purse and walked out before they made me insane. Glad you are working in a better place. I am still unemployed.

  4. I remember your stories about Mr. Big and the problems you had. I am so glad you found your wonderful job. Life's too short to work with people like that.

  5. I remember quite a few of Mr. Big's uhm ....negative attributes.. from reading your blog -what I call- Back Then.

    So glad it is not now. ~Mary

  6. So glad that you no longer have to put up with a lot of stuff like that. Praise God that He gave you a good job that you like!


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