Sunday, October 31, 2010

Musings Before the Election

I don’t understand the fascination with halloween.    Sales for halloween decorations (including costumes, I would think) are over 3 billion dollars annually, second only to Christmas in decorations.   I know it’s fun for the children, dressing up in the costumes and getting all that C.A.N.D.Y!!   I know I loved it as a child.   But when I was a child, people didn’t decorate their lawns as grave yards, and the grim reaper wasn’t standing at my door frame.   I don’t decorate for halloween at my house, but I do buy some candy for my Angels:

Peppy is dressed as himself.

Devon and Olivia

Ashton and Samara


Now that Halloween has only a few more hours for this year….we embark upon the most wonderful time of the year!

I love Thanksgiving, and most especially Christmas.   In my mind, the two are uniquely and spiritually entwined.  I often have this unexplained depression that rears it's ugly head during the Christmas season, and after much “analyzation” over the years, I have come to believe it’s because of what the Season has become, rather than what it really is.    Even though commercialism has nearly drowned the true Reason for the Season, there are many of those who remember, and who will still give thanks for the birth of our Dear Savior. 

I have already picked out a few little decorations for my office…I’m starting a (cheap) Christmas village. I have the carolers, a mailman, some children, a sleigh, a carousel horse, a tree, and a few other items. I haven’t been able to find a nativity, which is a must. As I was looking around, I noticed there weren’t too many Christ-oriented decorations from which to choose. I am hoping that it’s just early yet. Hoping. One day, I plan to have a very nice Christmas village.

Xmas_Dividers_2 Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday is coming!  VOTE.   Vote your conscience; don’t choose according to party, name, color, or gender.   If you are a Christian, ask for God’s guidance.    Above all, pray for this election, that God’s will be done in our land.    It’s time to put America back on the right track.


  1. I am with you! I will be praying while I am voting. Can't believe That Senator did that. She is a Ma'am. and saying she worked hard to become a Senator. People elected her.. Gesh....

  2. Halloween always kicks off the season for us..It'll get real busy now! And I agree the hype was not there when I was a child either. It was mainly about dressing up and getting the candy. There are so many folks that are having these evil looking parties and scary stuff hanging about. I am not into that. Hope you all are have a great day. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, there are some ups and downs right now as we adjust a few things. Hopefully we will be rewarded by this Dave Ramsey process and can look back and laugh one day. ugghhh right now, it's a little challenging. I'm not giving up yet.

  3. my gosh, Olivia is adorable (so are the other ones, of course, but I haven't seen her since after she was born). Beautiful all of them! They look cute in their costumes too!!

    I can tell you I'm not voting for Ms. Boxer, no siree.....

    I know, it is ridiculous all the money spent on Halloween and decorations. We drove around today and saw so many different houses all "spooked" out.

    love your new blog header!! that Christmas village you are putting together sounds really neat!

    I share your thoughts too about the Christmas season. I think it is good to have your heart in the right place for the true reason for the season and celebrate that and spend time with family and friends rather than spend, spend, spend, spend, spend on things that most people don't need, etc.

    take care of yourself in the week ahead



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