Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Vacation!

My vacation was very nice.   Because I can't figure out how to make the Blogger image insert feature work for me, they are not in the order I'd like.   I am in the process of downloading "Picasa 3," a Google application, and we'll see if I'm smart enough to organize a little better the next time I make a picture entry.

This is Cades Cove at Sunrise.  
You should have been there.  
The foggy sunrise was spectacular.

Color on the mountains.

Metcalf Bottoms, near Gatlinburg.  
Ole Boy and I had a picnic here.

Newfound Gap.  
It was way past peak here, but still very pretty.

This is a fence leading up a walkway to view
Pilot Mountain in North Carolina.

Cades Cove.  
It's just one of those accident shots.  
I was going to snap the deer,
and the bird dives in, lands, and takes off,
just as I am snapping.  

Mingus Mill, in full operation

Bucks fighting in Cades Cove


There wasn't a lot of fall color in Mt. Airy,
but there were some very pretty flowers.

Cades Cove again.   
Amazing that there was a lot of color,
and then these bare trees.

I have a lot more pictures...
but I probably won't post anymore.
I hope you enjoyed.


  1. I did enjoy!! beautiful! peaceful! relaxful! I can imagine just sitting and looking at the view! and how exciting to get that picture of the deer and bird!! Actually if you posted more pictures it wouldn't bother me!

    it did look indeed like you had a great vacation!


  2. The deer and the bucks captivate me.
    Also, the first shot, perfect.


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