Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Post of Pure Randomness

Some days, I just can’t figure out what I want to be when I grow up.    Then I remember:   I passed “grown up” several years ago.

I told Ole Boy to walk a mile in my shoes.   He said an octopus couldn’t walk a mile in my shoes.   Then I think he mumbled something about giving all my shoes their own bedroom.

I have on “slinky” clothes today.   (Not to be confused with “stinky.”)    Business apparel, if you will.    Unfortunately, I can’t tell if the clinging of the material is the “slinky” feel or static electricity.    Either way, it takes the business right out of my apparel. 

For no particular reason, I pulled a vibrant red leaf off of a tree while walking into work, and then laid it on the banister in the hall as I walked by.    Then I realized the surveillance camera caught the action, and it probably looks like I put litter on the stairwell.   Which, in a way, I ‘spose it was.

I’ve taken some new pictures…and have no gumption to download them onto my computer to share.   Not that I’m stingy…I’m in a funk…which is one reason my blog has been so neglected.  

Part of my funk is my (seemingly) inability to change. 

I have a four day work week this week.   A no-day work week next week.  :::big smile:::

 I changed my blog colors again.    And for some reason, I cannot make my cursor tails work with the new design templates by Blogger .    I really miss my cursor tails.   They made me look cool.    Cooler.

It’s time to get to work, but I’d rather just sit here and muse.   However, since they pay me, and I like my job, I’m going to get to work.

I’ll close with this update:   I’ve gained back just about every pound I lost, and if I could actually reach my hiney, I’d kick it.


  1. ((((Meg))) I love the new colors on your blog! very nice!! its been a rough road you've been on lately; I hope next week is a good one to just enjoy time away from it all with your hubby and that it is restful.

    enjoyed reading your musings; I hope the day is a kind one


  2. I think you've caught my "funk" - October is always a hard time for me! Hope you enjoy your time off - always love your blog!

  3. We all deal with the "change" thing. I deal with it as far as my desire to unattach from so much that just does not matter.... it is an hourly struggle at times. But when it flows for me for a while, it is poetry.
    I'm wishing you that poetry. ~Mary

  4. I am pulling out of that funk. I know how you feel.

  5. hey...i'm off next week too! :) let's do something! love you and praying for you. hugs, and double hugs!!!!

  6. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog. When I saw your name, I realized that it had been a while since I read a post. I think I lost track of you when you shut down your weight loss blog.

    So sorry to hear that the weight you lost found you. I hate when that happens! I just gained 4 pounds OVERNIGHT from a gluten binge. sigh. I hate when THAT happens, too!

    Hope everything else is well.


  7. Hi Darlin', perhaps your a spring and summer gal for your moods? Do you look back and see a pattern? My friend bought one of those sun lights several years ago and she swears by it in the fall and winter months.

    Have a wonderful weekend and know you are on my mind! :)


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