Saturday, October 23, 2010

Round Robin Photo Challenge

This Round Robin challenge is all about BRIDGES...

:::a little wooden foot bridge over a three foot-wide babbling brook, a drawbridge, a railroad bridge, a stone bridge carved out by the forces of nature, or even that big Golden one over the Bay...feel free to explore alternative meanings of the word. Photograph the bridge of a nose, a game of bridge, or even something metaphorical, such as a bridge between two cultures:::
Since I just got back from vacation late last night...I have several good bridge shots, and I am too tired to just pick one!  

All of these bridges are found in the Great Smoky Mountains.

For more great bridge shots, visit
 The Round Robin Photo Challenge Blog


  1. welcome back; love your new blog look and all those brideges are so neat! I hope you had a great relaxful fun time!!

    (now go and get some rest, LOL :)


  2. Beautiful! All your bridge selections are so lovely! My favorite I think is the first one. Gorgeous!

    from the Heart of Texas

  3. This bridges are beautiful. Great shots!


  4. Your beautiful bridge pictures make me wish for a fall hiking trip in the Smoky Mountains!!

  5. They are all beautiful, I think the first two are my favorites. Hope you enjoyed your trip.

  6. I'm a walk in the woods girl, so I love it.

  7. These are all beautiful! I would not have wanted you to leave out any of them!


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