Monday, November 29, 2010

The Merry Musings...and the not so merry

There’s usually one in every extended circle…a person who just begs to be talked about once they leave the room.   Fodder.     The chick who greatly exaggerates every story she tells…when you were there to see it firsthand.  The pathological liar.   The cynic, the smart-aleck, the know-it-all.    What I wonder is…am I that person for my circle?   Not because I exaggerate, or am a know-it-all, or tell tales…but because of my great propensity to eat.   I can sure put it away…quickly, too.   I’m not one to snatch food off of another’s plate, so my friends and family are in no danger of starving around me.   I don’t take food from children.   Unless it’s a cookie.   I’m joking.   Mostly.   I really, really need change in my life.

My new word (term) this week is Palliative Care:  (from Latin palliare, to cloak) is any form of medical care or treatment that concentrates on reducing the severity of disease symptoms, rather than striving to halt, delay, or reverse progression of the disease itself or provide a cure. The goal is to prevent and relieve suffering and to improve quality of life for people (dogs, that is) facing serious, complex illness (from Wikipedia…I love that site!).  Poor Peppy isn’t doing too well right now.    We have one more medicine to give him that we will start him on today.   If that doesn’t provide some relief for him, we will be facing a very difficult decision. 

I am noticing that my skin is changing.   Again.   At one time I had non-problematic skin…no flaking, no pits, splotches, dark circles, no “fine lines,” no wrinkles.   These days, I have it all!   I sound beautiful, yes?    I have been looking for a new makeup.   My Revlon ColorStay isn’t friendly to my face any more…where once it was perfect.   So, I’m looking at old-lady make up.   Any suggestions?   I have tried several, and am not finding anything great and wonderful.   I’m just hoping I’m not beyond great and wonderful!    I do not intend to spend a ton of money, either, though I am willing to spend some.   When I think of the mega-bucks I spent on wrinkle cream, lotions, and potions before I got the bad skin…well, I just feel plain snookered!   Time stops for no one, and it’s getting harder to disguise that it hasn’t stopped for me, either.   I’m tired of fighting it, too.   I have even outright admitted my age lately, much to the surprise of at least one person (sideways glance at Gina).

Another thing I can’t deny is how time has touched my parents.   Each year that passes, I realize more and more how important they are to me, and how blessed I am.    This morning, my dad is in the hospital with some (as of yet) unknown infection.  

I made it out on Black Friday.   I waited until late in the day, and ventured out to Hobby Lobby (LOVE that store) and Sam’s.   Neither place was overly crowded, and I found good parking places at both stores.   I didn’t spend a lot of money, either.   Yay, me!   I also went to Target and WalMart this weekend…it was pretty crowded, but I still found a good parking places.  I do love the Christmas Season…but I do not enjoy shopping or crowds.  This year, I am actually going to send out Christmas cards!

Have a wonderful Monday! 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!   I pray for you blessings,
joy and peace this Holiday Season.

This video is from one of my favorite singers, Johnny Cash.
I hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On Giving Thanks

I always enjoyed getting together with family, immediate and extended, even when I didn’t realize how important they are in my life.   One reason I love Thanksgiving so much is because we gather at my parents’ house and enjoy each other’s company.    I have two brothers and two sisters, and most of us are able to make it each year. 

Once upon a Thanksgiving many years ago, my brother, Steve, and my sister, Cindy, were in the military and unable to make it home.     I was still living with my parents, and I was disappointed.    Steve, who was stationed in South Carolina, drove to Virginia, where Cindy was stationed, to spend Thanksgiving with her.  Very early Thanksgiving morning, I woke up in my bed with two life-sized adults jumping on my bed like little children.   They had driven all night to come home.   This is my favorite Thanksgiving memory thus far.

I have so much for which to be thankful, and it stretches well beyond this season of Thanksgiving.    I’ve always had a roof over my head, food to eat, cars to drive, parents and family to help me when I needed it.   Best of all, there is not a day in my life that I did not know about Jesus.   My mom took her five little children to church by herself until Dad began to go to church with us, when I was about six years old.   When I was a child, one of the most unappreciated things my parents did for me was take me to church, and make sure that I was taught about Christ.   Now, it is the most appreciated thing of my life.   My parents were wonderful examples of Christians should live, and they lived up to the expectations they had for us, as well.   They weren’t perfect, but I really can’t remember the imperfections.   I remember two people who have always been my anchors.   Always.   I cannot describe to you how appreciative I really am.

During this Thanksgiving week, I am going to endeavor to begin to be more thankful always, and in everything give thanks.    I am incredibly blessed. 

Here are a few photos of yet more reasons for me to be thankful.   This is the color fest that surrounds me at work. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sunday Parks

Sunday was a beautiful day...Ole Boy and I had a nice Cracker Barrel breakfast and headed off around the Shoals with my trusty camera. 

Natchez the cloud reflections.

A picnic area on the TVA Reservation

Under the Natchez Trace bridge

Natchez Trace...It really was a beautiful day.

This cute little critter posed for me.

A bare-naked sycamore tree

A view of one of the parks on the Reservation

The footbridge at what's called "The Rockpile" on the Reservation

I was watching The Biggest Loser tonight...I always want to eat while watching that show.   But while I was watching, something clicked in my brain.   Nothing new, nothing I haven't already been told, but it occurred to me that I should encourage myself about losing weight, just as I would encourage a friend.   And I would encourage a friend, pep talk them all along the way.   I tell myself, "You. Can't. Do. This!"   I'm thinking a little more about Celebrate Recovery.   It would be nice to make it through November and December without gaining any weight.

Dad is home resting comfortably with his new pacemaker.

In the waiting room at the hospital while he was getting his pre-op stuff done, I was reading a magazine, and it had one of those advice columns.   A mom wrote about the battle she was facing every morning with her 9 year old son.   Nine years old.   They fought every morning because she tried to get him to get dressed and get his chores done.   In her words, he usually began the fight with, "Don't tell me what to do!"   NINE years old!    She wanted to know how to handle him.    I fully expected the columnist to remind her just who the parent was, and which one of them was the child.   She didn't.   She suggested an award system, where the boy would get to choose a prize if he completed 12 of 15 things for the week.


I would take a paddle and warm that boys butt up.    Problem solved.    If it wasn't solved, I'd do it again.


I believe, based on my experiences in HR several years ago when I was a recruiter for four local warehouses...two of them were rather large...and my eight years as an office manager at Mr. Big's company, that some of those (some females, mostly males) who were never spanked as a child were hired to work at these companies.   They usually lasted a month to six weeks, and never quite worked a full 40 hour week.   They bounce from job to job, when they can find one, and periodically come around begging for second and third chances, only to repeat the cycle.   Many of these folks are pushing 30 and still living off Mom and/or Dad.   Many have reproduced.  Of course, they don't work enough to support their children.   The children of these people are often supported by the government, that is, the tax payers.   (I am glad we have these programs in place, they are needed.   However, if we were all doing what we are supposed to be doing, we wouldn't really need to government stepping in....but I digress.)

No, I don't believe that all losers "turned out" this way just because they were never spanked.   I know that a paddle (or any punishment) isn't always the answer.   I also know that sometimes other factors play a role, and that the parents are blaming themselves when, in fact, they shouldn't take the blame.   Kids have their own minds, don't they?   But a nine year old telling his mother not to tell him what to do need to be shown, in no uncertain terms, who is in charge.

Tomorrow is Hump Day...I hope yours is pleasant.

Don't go spanking your kids just for
General Purposes after reading my post. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Change is in The Air

Peppy has Neurofibrosarcoma.    Cancer.   What are we going to do?   Ole Boy and I haven't discussed it very much.   As for now, he's doing fine.   When the day comes that he doesn't do well any longer, we will talk about it.

My dad is a vet.   He will be having a pacemaker put in on Monday.   If you can spare a prayer for him, I would appreciate it.    I do believe he will be just fine...I just didn't expect this from him, he's always been so strong, so healthy.   Da Man!    Apparently, there are times that his heart rate drops into the 20's.   Pacemaker might be a good idea, yes?

Surprisingly enough, my mental state is good.  

I'm doing some (almost) serious thinking about which direction I want to take this blog.   If I start spouting all of my headnoise, someone may call for the guys who come with straightjackets.   I'm not saying that (on some days) that wouldn't be a bad idea.   I'm looking into buying a custom blog design...or I may attempt that myself.   We shall see.

At any rate, I think my blog is going to be quite a bit more....opinionated.    Not that I wish or intend to offend...but I suppose we don't have the right to never be offended...and those who are easily offended are often offensive, continuously looking for a reason to be offended, or attacked, or singled out.

I may even kick it off...when I get it all designed...with a nice contest.   A gift card, perhaps.

What do you think?   
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Things I've Heard Around Town Lately...

·         We can't believe everything we think.   (Preacher)

·         Don't look so sad.   It's only life!   (Ole Boy)

·         There's just no way to end a good meal.  (Ole Boy's brother)

·         I do more on accident than you do all day on purpose.   (service station attendant)

·         Whatever!   (co-worker...said several times throughout the day)

·         That just sounds child molesterish.   (another co-worker)

·         It's just sad when you carry a baby for nine months, and she doesn't look anything like you!   (same co-worker)

·         But.  So.  Anyways.  Whatever!   (yet another co-worker)

·         I knew I'd get old, I just didn't know it would happen this fast.  (family member)

·         She was like, "What are you doing?"  I was like "Nothing!"   :::loud giggle:::  (college student)

·         I have 11 sisters that I've collected over the years.  (friend of The Kid)

·         “Wook!   It's a caddapiddar!!”  (Samara)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Poor Little Peppy Boy

Graphic Image Below...

Surprisingly enough, he's doing pretty well.  He also had a growth removed from his forepaw, and he's recovering nicely.   We still don't have the "official" pathology report, so there is still a small chance that this is not cancer.   ...I still have hope...  We may know as early as tomorrow.

I probably won't be updating my blog until Thursday.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Peppy's Bad News

About three weeks ago, a lump suddenly appeared on Peppy's neck.  Since that time, he hasn't felt well at all.  He whimpers a lot, won't walk on his forepaw on the same side as the lump.   Some days, he's even too weak to jump on the's been pretty rough on the little fella.

The vet drew a little fluid from it, did an X-ray, and some blood work, and said it definitely needed to be removed.  

Today, Peppy underwent surgery to remove it, only it's so deeply embedded, even into his spine, that the vet couldn't do anything but close him back up.   He said that at this point he feels confident it's malignant.   He sent the biopsy off for more in depth pathology.  

I'm very sad...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Weather Forecast

From Facebook:

ELECTION DAY FORECAST (for all climate & time zones in the USA): TSUNAMI WARNING for east & west coast states!!! Minds will be cloudy, but GOD will reign, and the SON will eventually shine.

ELECTION DAY FORECAST (for all climate & time zones in the USA): minds will be cloudy, but GOD will reign, and the SON will eventually shine.

I am trusting God for some wonderful changes for America!    Praying that each and every voter goes to the polls with a renewed understaind, opened eyes, ears, and hearts, and makes the right decisions for our country!

~What a beautiful day to be free!~

Monday, November 1, 2010

Another Day 1

November 1..what a terrible day to start a diet, but what a great day to be free! I am just going to stand on His promise, and only look at today. Today, I will not overeat.

There’s an article by Maura Kelly in Marie Claire about fat people. Here are a couple excerpts: 
To be brutally honest, even in real life, I find it aesthetically displeasing to watch a very, very fat person simply walk across a room — just like I'd find it distressing if I saw a very drunk person stumbling across a bar or a heroine {sic} addict slumping in a chair.

But ... I think obesity is something that most people have a ton of control over. It's something they can change, if only they put their minds to it.
She issued an apology after she was bashed by her commenters:

People have accused me of being a bully in my post. I never intended to be that — it's actually the very last thing I want to be, as a writer or a person. But I know that I came off that way, and I really cannot apologize enough to the people whom I upset.
I started not to give this chick any more publicity than she already has, but the fact is this: Last week after I read her article (and many of the commenters that gave her what-for) I went out for lunch. I stopped by the local fast food joint and parked in the parking lot at a store I needed to visit, to eat before I went in. Because of that article, when a man parked beside me and let his son out to run into the store, I sat there a moment. Then I moved my car into a spot where he couldn’t see me. I was sure that he would be watching the fat girl eat and be judgmental of me. Maura’s words stayed in my head for two days, because I can’t convince myself that others don’t feel the way she does.

But I was thinking while driving into work this morning about why I have let my weight rule me my whole adult life. Isn’t it just pride that makes me care so much what others think about the way I look? It’s quite possible that others don’t think about me near as much as I think they do, and that would be because I am thinking about myself so much. Realizing that others probably aren’t thinking about my weight issue as much me doesn’t really help how I feel, though.

It is a hopeless feeling when you are in the throes of a binge. When I binge, I don’t do it half way…I keep it going for months! My sister mentioned going to Celebrate Recovery…my good friend Betty has also suggested it. I found a local church that has the program on Thursday Nights, but I am not sure that I will go. It’s a bad attitude, I know, but I just don’t want to fail one more time with one more program. For now, I’m just going to pray about it.

But today…I am going to work more on renewing my mind, and less on renewing my diet.

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