Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Change is in The Air

Peppy has Neurofibrosarcoma.    Cancer.   What are we going to do?   Ole Boy and I haven't discussed it very much.   As for now, he's doing fine.   When the day comes that he doesn't do well any longer, we will talk about it.

My dad is a vet.   He will be having a pacemaker put in on Monday.   If you can spare a prayer for him, I would appreciate it.    I do believe he will be just fine...I just didn't expect this from him, he's always been so strong, so healthy.   Da Man!    Apparently, there are times that his heart rate drops into the 20's.   Pacemaker might be a good idea, yes?

Surprisingly enough, my mental state is good.  

I'm doing some (almost) serious thinking about which direction I want to take this blog.   If I start spouting all of my headnoise, someone may call for the guys who come with straightjackets.   I'm not saying that (on some days) that wouldn't be a bad idea.   I'm looking into buying a custom blog design...or I may attempt that myself.   We shall see.

At any rate, I think my blog is going to be quite a bit more....opinionated.    Not that I wish or intend to offend...but I suppose we don't have the right to never be offended...and those who are easily offended are often offensive, continuously looking for a reason to be offended, or attacked, or singled out.

I may even kick it off...when I get it all designed...with a nice contest.   A gift card, perhaps.

What do you think?   
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  1. Praying for your Dad. Sorry about the cancer with the dog. When the time comes, you will know. Believe me.

    Its your blog... do as you please , dont worry about who you offend.

  2. I think you should definitely write opinionated blogs if you so desire (that's what I voted for, LOL). I look forward to reading what you decide to share!! Poor Peppy. I think that is one of those calls, quality of life versus quantity of life. If he seems to be doing okay and managing reasonably well, then it is just a watch and wait. But if he is miserable, and I think you will know that, then I think you will make the best decision for all. My dear friend up north had to say good bye to their pet this past week (she got sick, perhaps poisoned?). Just about 4 years old. I remember the day she called me to say they got a dog, it was the same day son got in trouble with the law, LOL!!

    your dad will do just fine! It is good they have pacemakers and really, those pacemakers are amazing! You can "interrogate" them and they'll give statistics about the unit, its efficacy, when the battery needs to be replaced, etc (a person can't interrogate them, but through doctor's offices, etc). He'll be in and out the same day I imagine, but you guys are in my prayers


  3. I think you should spout headnoise.
    There are plenty of things I agree with you on, and some that I don't-but you never offend.

  4. It's your space. Do with it as you please. I have a friend who gives his opinion (and he's gruff about it at times), but at least every friend of his knows exactly where he stands on issues from Politics to Religion to Sex.

    Speaks what's on your's who you are. I used to skirt around the bush for quite a while in life until I realized exactly what you mentioned, "we have no right to not be offended." Speak up!

  5. I think you should be able to write whatever you want on you blog. The people you offend will just stop visiting. And you write so well. Sorry about Peppy.

  6. Pace maker will be good esp with the way his heart rate is dipping..
    As one who had to make a decision to put my last rescue down after 16 years, it's an easy decision realizing they are suffering but hard to do. They don't need to suffer


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