Sunday, November 7, 2010

Poor Little Peppy Boy

Graphic Image Below...

Surprisingly enough, he's doing pretty well.  He also had a growth removed from his forepaw, and he's recovering nicely.   We still don't have the "official" pathology report, so there is still a small chance that this is not cancer.   ...I still have hope...  We may know as early as tomorrow.

I probably won't be updating my blog until Thursday.


  1. hang in there Peppy!! it does look like it could be heaing well. Isn't it amazing what they can do with surgery and diagnosing things? I was just talking with hubby last night since I type a lot of operative reports it is absolutely amazing the knowledge God gave men/women to figure out how to perform surgery, etc. Amazing God he is!

    I hope it is a good report for Peppy when you get it


  2. Sending love to Peppy.


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