Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Old Woman Stunt

My Saturday shopping excursion was quite successful.   I am now nearing completion of my Christmas list.   

One of the most successful stores I visited was Kohl’s.    As I left the store with both hands full of bags of goodies, I walked to my car.   As I pressed the trunk button on the key fob,  I heard a trunk pop a few cars over from where I stood, on the opposite side.    Upon closer inspection, I realized that I had, indeed, popped the trunk of that other car.   I noticed that it was the same make and color of my car, and as I stood there wondering how I was going to close their trunk and not look like I was trying to break and enter, I realized…it…was…my…car. 

When I got to my car, I looked back and saw the other car wasn’t even the same model as mine.

And it was early in the day.


  1. hehehe senior moments!!! oh me oh my, what do we have to look forward to???!!!!

  2. LOL!!! Don't you love Kohls?? they always have such great bargains!!


  3. Ah yes,... senior moments. Just wait until your refrigerator rings and you open the door and find the phone. Not that that has happened to me, of course.

  4. I once drove a small Mercury. A friend drove a Mercedes the same color. It noticably irked him when I tried to get in his car in the church oparking lot (more than once). I wasn't even old then! I learned to check grilles!

  5. HA HA HA That is so funny girlfriend! I could totally picture that in my head.

  6. I just read your entire blog. I really like it. I like your pages-they blessed me this morning. Now I really need to go to work!! Have a great day.


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