Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Very Cold Sunday

It's 5:06 p.m. and it's already good and dark and COLD outside.  It's been a cold, gray day all day, and I had expected sunshine and 60's.    Not even close!

I did something productive, though.   I joined Weight Watchers.   I reopened an old blog, On The Road Again, where I'll be posting diet related stuff if anyone is ever curious how that's going.   They changed the plan, and all I know for sure is that I can eat fruit.  

I did something else productive...well, not sure I'd call it productive, but I added my two cents worth to a forum on the Times Daily, our local newspaper.    While scanning the paper last week, I happened across this editorial by a local citizen.   (I'd post it here, but there's a little line at the bottom that says "All rights reserved. This copyrighted material may not be re-published without permission. Links are encouraged."  So, if you're interested in what type of attitude irritates me, this would be the link to click!

My reply was this:  

I'm not hearing any stories of people starving to death because they’ve lost their job. There are many programs (church and state) which provide food for those in need. And who has died because hospitals didn't treat them because they don't have insurance? I'm surprised the media didn't exploit that chance to blame Republicans! Perhaps you are just getting a head start in anticipation of the death of some unfortunate? 

What was moral about the mega-dollar bailouts which companies like AIG used to pay huge bonuses to the very individuals who were in charge of the sinking company?

I am not uneducated, and I generally vote Republican. The reason I do so is not because of the name of the party. I choose candidates with beliefs closest to my own on such issues as abortion, the right to bear arms, entitlement programs, and big government, among others. What surprises me is that you are “truly surprised” that the Bible belt votes Republican!

Fox News lies?! Surely you don’t think any of the news media are telling you the truth?

You ask what happened to us? America has donned blinders and turned our backs on God.

I had actually typed more than this, but I toned it down a little.   I figure, somehow, I already will be labeled a "fundie," or a "fundy" a term I came across just today.   Some of the supposed characteristics of a "fundy" are taken from this page and listed below:

  • A Fundamentalist Christian.
  • Believes the Bible is inerrant.
  • Believes people are "once saved always saved."
  • Views other denominations cults and false religions.
  • Condemns all non-believers of your faith to Hell.
  • Believes baptism and the eucharist are not necessary for salvation.
  • Believes all information for mankind is found in only the 66 books of the KJV of the Bible.

Not exactly how I would have described a fundamentalist Christian!  I do believe the Bible is the inerrant, and I do believe we can't be plucked from God's hand, so technically I believe in "once saved always saved."  I do wonder where the guy got his info, or if this was just his own opinion.   No matter, though, I have my opinions, too.   
Have a great week!


  1. I like your article. Hope it is posted in the Times Daily! Go Girl!

  2. good for you for rejoining WW and having a plan; that is a great start indeed!!

    I am not sure what that lady has against Republicans, she sure had "an axe to grind" about them. I don't think we can blame all of our problems on just one specific group of people. But I do agree with your letter that what is wrong with us is that we have turned our back on God as a nation and even those of us that profess to be Christ followers aren't setting good examples for others to follow. I do hope they print your letter. I agree with some of the things of being a "Fundy" but not all of it

    it is good to speak up sometimes, isn't it?


  3. Wow, you go girl with your rebuttal. I am proud of you. Anxious to watch your WW posts too.

  4. good reply!! however, i would like to have seen the toned down response. i so agree with you regarding america today.

  5. I volunteer at a food pantry each week, and I do know that in my area(which is different from some areas that are more densely populated with the poor)there is a food pantry opened every week day(different ones)and a few serve lunch as well. If you know where to go, no, you will not starve-not here. I don't want to see anyone go without food, but I also think politics on both sides "cherry-pick" whatever facts/stats meet their goals.


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