Thursday, December 30, 2010

What I've learned...

...While Wasting Time Watching TV

Kelly Ripa, from Regis and Kelly, wears a size 30A bra…with padding.   I have a toe that would fit in a bra that size, if you took the padding out.  I like Regis and Kelly.   I would watch it if I didn’t work. 

Judge Judy doesn’t know EVERYthing; but she sure thinks she does.

Oprah Winfrey is full of herself.   Very, very full.    I knew this already, but any sliver of doubt was obliterated by watching Discovery Health, a network she apparently purchased and is changing the name to OWN:  Oprah Winfrey Network.   She is advertising it practically nonstop.  

The View is something I will not view.    It would make me nauseous.  

There must be over 1,423,481 weight loss commercials, and at least that many ads for lawyers wanting us all to file a lawsuit against….anybody.

Animal Planet is pretty interesting, but I can get pretty bugged out watching shows about spiders.  I have an unreasonable fear of most creepy crawling critters with more legs than me.  I check my bed every night, and I shake my shoes and clothes out before I put them on.   What I’d do if one actually fell out of my shoes or clothes, I do not know, but I’m sure it would involve a fat chick dancing a jig and screaming like a banshee.   Heaven help us all if Ole Boy happened to not be home to neutralize it.   (yeah, yeah, I know the question some of you would ask..."Why, then, The Brown Recluse?")

Shows I watched as a child were really full of bad acting, bad scripts and corny plots.   They are still better than 90% of the trash on TV today.

I have 3.5 more days off from work…I wonder, will I survive another day of mindless TV?    It’s now after 2 p.m., and I have yet to turn it on…but I think I’m going to fix myself a nice cup of (diet) hot chocolate and watch the tube.   I’ll keep you apprised of my mental health…


  1. Well, it's confession time. I watch 'Regis & Kelly', then 'The View' (I love the way Elisabeth talks back to that nasty Joy Behar) & then 'The Doctor's.' Mind you, I'm not sitting for 3 hours solid watching these morning shows but they are on & I am listening as I do what ever else I'm doing. Between 12 -1pm it's the news at noon from a Seattle TV station. Then an hour of Christan music and then back to the TV for 'Dr. Phil', 'Ellen' and 'Oprah' depending on who she has on as her guests. Again all this while I'm doing housework, Blogging or Face-booking. Of course I may also be at Target or somewhere during the afternoon since I'm not known to get myself together early since I've retired. I have no intention of watching OWN & I haven't even bothered to find out what channel number it is. I guess I watch more TV in the winter than the summer, since I'm not out working in my yard when it's snowy & 32*. Enjoy the rest of your time off & Happy New Year! Linda in cold & snow Washington

  2. LOL! I haven't watched daytime TV in years except for glances here and there if hubby is watching something. I saw a clip about Oprah years ago saying there were multiple ways to heaven, pretty much after that I stopped having any respect for her or desire to watch her show.

    enjoy the rest of your time off!! Happy New Year to you and yours!!


  3. I would rather watch Andy Griffith all day then some of that mess. I used to like The View. REgis and Kelly, sometimes. I like to watch Rachel Ray and the FoodNetwork. At night I DVR everything and watch later. Happy New Year!

  4. did you derive the number of 1,423,481??? lol and...i've danced a few jigs myself under those circumstances...i think we can call it learned behavior. lol

  5. I agree, the TV back then bad but still better, LOL. Happy New Year's

  6. Happy New Year! Put on a pot of tea and get busy with a craft hobby this year! What do you like? I'm beginning to lurve dishes... just looking at them makes me smile!


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