Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Alabama Snow!

North Alabama got 8-13 inches...depending on where you live.

My front/side yard 

I didn't realize that birds didn't sink in the snow.
We threw birdseed out, and the birds had a feast! 

My back yard.

I have enjoyed the snow's beauty, and I don't ever remember
having so much snow in North Alabama.
  So far, I've had two days off...but I hope to go back to work tomorrow.


  1. Looks beautiful! So pristine and so WHITE!! Seems that you guys got a healthy dose of it!! How cute with the birds, I bet they did appreciate the "feast" you provided for them!! Cool with two snow days though! that is neat! Now tell me, do you get next Monday off too?


  2. Very cool! Those pics could be my backyard. BUT ALABAMA! No way!

    Have great fun. :) Build a snowman, why don't ya?


  3. I think seeing a cardinal against white snow is one of the prettiest sites ever created.

  4. How absolutely FUN! I lurve your pictures!

  5. Column is great but IT IS HARD TO READ FOR OLD FOLKS WITH BAD EYESIGHT. Please make it on some other background.

  6. Fantastic pictures! Snow in Alabama??? When I think of Alabama, I think of dust, heat, and sweat...even in the winter!

    I especially like the pic of the 2 cardinals. While I'm not a fan of cardinals (we always get at least one every year that feels the need to incessantly attack one or two of our windows), it is a beautiful picture.


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